may day
it's starting to sink in...

mother's day 2013

gentle reader, what a wonderful time i've been having!

so much fun that i haven't taken the time to keep you all in the loop.

i'm going to back up a few days, okey dokey?

here we go!

kirogirl was all set to move out of the dorm and into her own apartment the first part of june. but let's just say that some things went down the first part of the week that made all of kirofamily decide it was time for her to move on.

so kirogirl called the apartments to find out if she could move in thursday...this was tuesday morning, gentle reader!

this means we had to put a move on!

the biggest draw back...kiroman and i were booked thursday! it was epoc day...we had to get hay, grain and shavings for the ponies...ugh!!!

so i met kirogirl at the apartment office early thursday morning while she signed her lease...then helped her get one load into the apartment.

i headed back to kirohouse so that our errands could be taken care of and be able to host our speaker.

but listen to this, gentle reader, kirogirl's boyfriend, v...he spent his entire day off getting her entire dorm room, kitchen and bath all moved to her apartment!

i know, right?

he's quite the dude!

kiroman and i are so grateful for his help!

then on saturday, we were moving the big tv and fridge from the dorm back to the lake house. kirogirl thought we were going to be picking up the "old" couch from the lake house and taking that to her apartment but kiroman surprised her and told her he was going to buy her a brand new couch for her apartment! she was totally and insanely shocked!

so we headed to the most dreaded place in the whole wide world...nebraska furniture mart. after the fiasco with getting the couch and fridge for the lake house, we had decided that if anything had to be ordered, we were skipping it and finding something else!

so a-shopping we went!

we needed:

  1. a box spring
  2. headboard/footboard
  3. night stand
  4. tv
  5. tv stand
  6. coffee table
  7. couch
  8. two bar stools

and the coolest part...they had everything in stock! we had the trailer with us so we loaded it all up and headed back to the apartment. only to realize that we had left the dolly at the lake! ugh!

so kiroman and v carried everything up to the 3rd floor...which really isn't as bad as it sounds since her building has an elevator!

after the trailer was unloaded, we headed to raising caines for dinner...kiroman and v had never been and kirogirl and i had been craving for days!

then it was back to the apartment to start putting everything together.

the job was complete around 12:30am...not too shabby since we didn't start until about 10pm...and i use the term "we" very lightly!

we headed home and v headed home shortly after us.

kiroman and i decided to set no alarms for this morning and get up when we got up!

or when sister decided she needed to make a pit stop...which was around 6:30 but we went back to bed until about 8:30!

now, gentle reader, if you know anything about kiroman at all, you know that he is most assuredly an early riser!

he rarely sleeps past 6am! sleeping until 8:30 is virtually unheard of!

and then we headed out shortly after that to pick up a load of mulch to take to the lake.

we unloaded another 35 bags of mulch...i say another because we have already put down 35 bags...

kiroman sprayed weeds while i cleaned out the planters on the lakeside deck.

then we headed back home to meet kirogirl.

they are widening our highway so the entrance to our neighborhood is being re-arranged and the rock at the entrance is up for we used the tractor to get three loads of river rock to fill in around the pond!

kirogirl arrived at the end of the rock gathering excursion.

then i got to open my gifts! what a lulu lemon yoga pants, new freeform nikes, a really cool cross ring and a mac bag for my essentials in my bag! but truly, the best part was the personal note she wrote to me in the card :)

then we got to do the most exciting thing!!!

it is mother's day after that means this happened:

yep...we started feeding the sharks today! kirogirl had the honor of feeding the first meal of the season!

but the absolute best thing that happened today?

i think the best and most awesome mother's day gift ever is when you know your children are happy.

Mothers day 2013
yep, kirogirl is happy!

i am grateful:

  • kirogirl has a great guy in v!!
  • v is so selfless in giving up his day off and his evening off to help kirogirl out!
  • for the beautiful weather we are enjoying
  • for knowing who i really am and not letting the haters get me down
  • knowing that kirogirl is a very safe and secure apartment

just breathing isn't living!


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