why thank you, thank you very much!

well, this is embarrassing

but, gentle reader, you know that i am nothing but honest and transparent here at the chronicles.

you know we had the blizzard of may 2013 this past wednesday night.

you know that kiroman was out of town, soaking up the warming rays of tucson, az.

you know that i risked life and limb to save mama bird and her four babies.

you already know all that.

what you don't know is that kiroman traded in his jeep and the "old" truck on a brand, spankin' new dodge ram 2500 diesel powered monster.

we picked it up this past monday night.

and for some strange reason, the low windshield washer light was on.

but we were ready to go home and have some dinner, so we decided i would take the truck back in while kiroman was in tucson.

i had to tell you that story in order to tell you the rest of the story.

and here is the rest of the story.

thursday, i drove the truck to the dealership to drop off the title, pay for the accessories and then to stop by our insurance agent.

[ some of this may sound vaguely familiar but this is a different side of the story, so hang tight, gentle reader, it will all come together, i promise ].

while at the dealership, salesman decided to just keep the truck and have someone run me home and have someone being the truck to me at home when it was done.


then the truck will be all fixed when kiroman gets home sunday afternoon!

hoorah, for me, right?


so, the courtesy driver drops me off in our drive way and leaves.

i go to the number pad for the garage door opener.

punch the code in.

nothing happens.

i mean absolutely nothing happens.

no flashing lights.

no rumbling of the door opening.


gentle reader, we live on top of a hill.

no wind breaks.

and it was windy.

and it was cold.

and it was may 2nd.

and i had my winter coat on...luckily.

because i had no way to get into the house!


because the number pad was not working!

and my house key was in my jeep which was in the garage which i could not get in to.

so i looked in the shop for a 9 volt battery.

no such luck.

so i called kirogirl.

it was 30 minutes before her final final.

i asked her to please come home right away so i could get in the house.

she said she would.

i sent kiroman a text that i had successfully locked myself out of the effing house until 4.

and then i stood around in the barn.

then kirogirl called back and said she would call her friend and have him pick up her house keys from her on campus and he would bring them out to me and let me in the house.


great second impression.

i mean, i had met v one other time.

for about 30 seconds while he was at work and we were picking up kirobyk.

ya, i felt pretty foolish right about now.

but what could i do?

i could do this:

i could write the date in the snow and take a picture, that's what i could [ and did ] do.

and then v showed up.

and the first words out of my mouth when he got out of his car:

"well, this is embarrassing..."

with keys.

and i was safely tucked away inside kirohouse!

i insisted on paying v some gas and time money since it was his day off and he spent part of it rescuing me...it was the least i could do, truly!

so i was successfully locked out of kirohouse for a full 45 minutes.

not too bad!

as soon as v left, i fixed the garage number code pad...replacing the battery did not do it!

i had to reset the code, which is no big deal!

then i got my house key out of my car and put it on the mailbox ring.

in my purse.

so it won't be locked in the jeep in the garage ever again.

and then i replaced the battery in the number pad and put an extra battery in the shop for just in case.

even though this situation was not dead battery related, it made me think what would i do if the battery does die.

situation handled.

lesson learned.

and i was truly embarrassed to have kirogirl's friend help me out but i was also truly grateful he took the time out of his day off!

i am grateful:

  • for kirogir's friend that helped me out of jam
  • the may snow has melted
  • for the loyal loving of the doolittles
  • to see the trees budding
  • for the motivation to be working on my project life album

just breathing isn't living!


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