well, this is embarrassing

why thank you, thank you very much!

some times you receive a compliment that keeps you beaming for the whole rest of your day.

i had one of those days this week.

i received one of those compliments this week.

heck, gentle reader, this compliment will surely keep me beaming until kiroman arrives home sunday afternoon!

i am compelled to share with you!

i had to stop by our dealership this afternoon to drop off a title and pay for some accessories that were added to kiroman's new and kick ass dodge ram 2500 diesel, long horn edition and to have a sensor light checked out. and to pick up a cd that i forgot to get out of one of the old jeeps.

so i was talking to our salesman and finance guy...i say our because we have had the same salesman for about 7 years...and before that, we had the same salesman for about 8 or 9 years...and the reason for the changed is that the first salesman changed careers and is now a policeman ;)

we also use the same finance guy every time. why? because he knows what we want, what extras we will buy and doesn't push the issue. oh, and he's a kiroworld patient, too!

so while the sensor light was being checked out, i was chatting with the two dudes.

we began reminiscing about all the vehicles we have purchased over the years...the favorite being the 2014 srt8 jeep grand cherokee and the best vehicle we have ever traded in being the awesome little red boxster.

then salesman and i talked about buying kirogirl's first vehicle and how old she was...and finance guy asked how old she was so i told him she was 20 already :/

now, gentle reader, please understand that kirogirl is rarely with us when we do the financing part...

finance guy's mouth dropped to his desk.

you aren't old enough to have a daughter that's 20! he said.

i blushed.

i batted my eyes.

and gushed back, why thank you so much! you made my month! but it's true...she is 20!

finance guy shook his head in disbelief.

hahahahaha...i might have embellished the batting of eyes and his disbelief but the convo is real and true.

and it really and truly made my day. my week. and, depending on how this month goes, it could make my whole month!

can you guess which is trophy wife and which is kirogirl?

i am grateful:

  • kiroman is having a fabulous time
  • the pond guys came right  back out this afternoon
  • for a work out that fit exactly what kirogirl and i needed today
  • for north face coats
  • for no snow today

just breathing isn't living!


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