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last tuesday was an interesting day for me, gentle reader! kiroman was up before me, as usual...he got in a work out and a few calls and i dragged myself outta bed and chatted with him while get got ready for kiroworld. then i did some whirlwind cleaning...mostly cleaning up dinner dishes from monday night and cleaning litter boxes...ewww...gross...disgusting! my... Read more →

oh, gentle reader.. it's almost 10pm. i tucked kiroman in about a half hour ago. i'm sitting at the kitchen table. determined to win level 65 of candy crush...a totally impossible dream of mine, yet i keep at it. and my mind begins to wander...apparently i am not as in to candy crush as i thought i was. then i... Read more →

i absolutely love the vision...schubelvision, chiropractic world domination, tickets outta crazy town... yep, kirofamily is all for it! and that's why we were up at the ass crack of dawn...even earlier, if that's at all possible! our flight was 6:05am. that means leaving kirohouse at 4am. that means an alarm will sound at 2:50am to make sure kirogirl is outta... Read more →