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that's what i find myself doing so much of lately, gentle reader. waiting. waiting. and more waiting. waiting for a phone call. waiting for a text message. waiting for a facebook message. waiting for the other shoe to drop. just plain waiting. right now, i'm waiting for the blind repair man...he's not blinds are broken and he is going... Read more →

gentle reader, we spent from thursday to sunday at magic lake this past weekend. after our epoc meeting thursday night, we headed out with kirofriends and our guest speaker. we made a pit stop at wally world to pick up some much needed supplies. then we jumped on the pontoon boat...aka heehaw. friday was spent on the water most of... Read more →

gentle reader, the universe seems to be a little off kilter lately. do you feel it? do you notice that things just aren't as they should be? i'm not one to wish time away but i have no problem telling you that july 2013 has been rather difficult. and i'm kinda over it. and i'm ready to turn the page... Read more →

gentle reader, this was supposed to be a fabulous weekend... i needed a weekend my bestie was way past due for sure. and the weekend started off with a bang. loved having kiropals and family here. stayed up late saturday night...kicked back a few wine coolers...again...crazy, right? definitely right! made a few s'mores and ate a few more Read more →

do you ever push the limits, gentle reader? i mean, really push them... like when you hit the gym, do you ever have one of those days where you are really on fire for the task at hand? and give it your absolute last bit of fortitude? where you leave it all out there? when you hit the locker room,... Read more →