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gentle reader, i know i have been writing a lot lately about marriage and relationships. i truly hope you are not getting bored with my meanderings. is my blog after all...what gets posted here is what is on my mind! yep, i sure did! it's "funny" how things work out... i mean, ya hang out with your my... Read more →

gentle reader, the weekend was spent at magic with family and friends. and it was magical. i am so in love with being at the lake. i am so in love with spending time with my family. i am so in love with spending time with great friends. i am so in love with the magical feeling! kiroman and i... Read more →

gentle reader, i had a great convo with my dearest mom this afternoon. and really, i am beginning to realize that i should write a book. from beginning to now [ because this certainly is not the end...yet! ] of the kirofamily story. starting with me and kiroman and adding in everything that has happened since we met, fell in... Read more →

gentle reader, i love epoc night. every month for the past 6 years. i love it! i love the connections that are made! i love seeing kiropeeps gather under our roof! i love getting to know our speaker on a greater level! and tonight was an awesome one for sure! the one and only dr. shawn dill was here from... Read more →

gentle reader, i am not a fan of country music. no reason in particular. i prefer rock, heavy metal and hair bands... that's how i roll. that's what you find on my ipod. that's what you find my presets to be. people find it odd that we ride horses and i listen to rock instead of country. so when kiroman... Read more →

oh, gentle reader...what a happy ending this certainly is! and no, there were no massage parlors involved! this morning, kiroman headed for the office early and i headed to magic lake...the blinds repair guy was coming!! woot woot! i am so excited to have all the blinds operational finally!!! so that part all went great! it was a fabulous morning... Read more →

holy cow, gentle reader! i pretty much had a heart attack, please stop reading now, ok? so, a few weeks ago we left the harley at magic lake. tonight, we decided to drive out so kiroman could ride it home, then we were going to take a little spin's been awhile since we've enjoyed our harley rides and... Read more →

yes, gentle reader, we were a mile high this weekend! literally... we spent the day in denver...well, westminster to be exact. at the inaugural mile high chiro event! it was absolutely amazing! danny, richelle and their staff did a fantastic job of coordinating everything! so, we started our day at 2:45am so we could pick up kirogirl on our way... Read more →