hell hound chronicles: issue 1
dominican republic: take 2

dominican republic: take 1

gentle reader, you will please note that i titled this post "take 1".

that is because there will be several blog posts surrounding this marvelous work-cation we experienced the last 7 days!

holy cow!!! it's a good thing i took a ton of photos and journaled along the way! i don't want to forget a single thing!!!!

so let's get started, shall we?

we left last tuesday afternoon. kirogirl had to skip out on the "lab" work out at school in order for us to get to the airport appropriately!

1awhile waiting for our flight, kirogirl tuned into a little breaking bad! thank goodness for free airport wi-fi hooking her up to netflix! the first leg of our adventure has us going from the city to houston...

1awith a long enough lay over that we found us a little bubba's for din din. this is a photo of kirogirl pouting because "we aren't there yet."

1aas you can see...she has breaking bad to keep her company while we are waiting in our zone line to board the second leg of our trip that takes us from houston to miami! where we were lucky enough to over night and order pizza!!

1aand here is kirofamily! all boarded and ready for take off wednesday morning! only two more hours to go before we hit the dominican republic and get this work-cation started for realz!

1aya, we know it's a no no but we did it anyway! as we were coming into the dr, we looked out at the ocean...how cool is that, to see the variations in blue in the water!

we finally landed, made it through customs with flying colors...even having to pay $10 per person to enter the country! crazy, right? we had no idea until we were on the runway and the kiro sitting behind us told us that it isn't a joke when they ask for the cash! so we paid up! we then retrieved our luggage, hailed a cab and began the crazy 25 minute ride to the resort.

and when i mean crazy, i mean frickin' crazy! speed limits are a guideline. the yellow line in the middle of the road, another guideline. motorcycles are everywhere! and they drive down the highway on the wrong side and they go where ever they want. and there are at least two people per motorcycle...at most, i saw 4 people...and these are little motorcycles, gentle reader!!! and the only ones wearing helmets were the taxi driver motorcycle guys...their passengers did not wear helmets. and i saw women riding side saddle behind the drivers...i wish i had photos to show you but i could not be crude enough as to take those photos.

1aupon arriving to our resort and checking in, kiroman was presented with this awesome welcome [ and thank you ] bag! i love it!

this was an all inclusive resort...so we were on their schedule as far as eating times are concerned...by the time we got checked in, there was about 5 minutes left to the lunch buffet...so away we went! we grabbed a bit of lunch before we headed to our room. where we then quickly changed into our swim suits so that we could go explore the beach and ocean!

1athis was the beach to our resort.

1akiroman and kirogirl are sharing a little father daughter moment in the ocean!

1aand kiroman is jokingly, threatening to dunk kirogirl! no worries, gentle reader...he was only pretending!

1ayaaa...this might be tmi for some of you but if you made it through the commando post and are still a reader, then you can suffer through this photo! i mean, anyone that has ever worn a bikini top or knows someone that has worn a bikini top will totally relate to the whole tucking in the tag and making sure the girls are presentable, if ya know what i mean! i debated on sharing this one but kirogirl insisted and kiroman was ok with it, too.

1ayaaa...i know...this photo is a little fuzzy but i only took one. that is the nature of the beast...i didn't have my glasses on and i was trusting this water proof camera to be better than it was in mexico last summer...i learned my lesson on both accounts! it's time for lasik on the eyes and to upgrade the water proof camera! [ i actually killed two cameras on this trip...the water proof is being replaced as we speak and the canon g12 is a piece of shit...this is the second trip it has pissed out on me...i'm looking for a new point and shoot as i type ] however, i digress...i love this photo because it has the mountain and clouds in the background!

6and who can resist a shadow photo on the beach!!!

6as we were exploring, we almost stepped on this little guy! thank goodness for kirogirl's keen eyes! [ lord knows we can't count on my eyes! ]

6here's a close up of our new little friend...he hung out and posed like a champ!

6and here we are, back at the pool! i took this from the pool...kiroman is sitting on the chair right in the middle!

6see? right there! in the middle!

6this one, i aimed straight at the sun...i had no idea what i was going to get because i was temporarily blinded...so i snapped and hoped for the best and ya know what? i love it!

6ah, yes, the pool tiki bar. lots of time was spent here! lots of friendships re-newed, lots of friendships began, lots of laughs, lots of memories...

13oh look! trophy wife and kirogirl and doing the shawn dill in the pool!!!

13you knew we couldn't pass up an underwater flexing photo, right?

13after dinner wednesday night, we went down to the bar area...there was going to be a magic show! woohoo! my family was so excited that i dragged them to it! but hey...the drinks were free!!! while waiting for the show to start, one of the guys that we had seen around the pool was there at a table next to us...when the music started, he tried to get one of the girls at his table to dance with him but she wouldn't. kirogirl tried to hide but it didn't work! he came over and got her and away they went! if you know kirogirl, you know she's not much of a dancer...at all!!! but she will dance on vacation!

13can you see the excitement in her face? you can almost feel it, can't you, gentle reader?

13she danced the whole song. she had a good time. he had a good time...a good time was had by all!!!

the magic show turned out to be pretty decent, honestly! we all had fun! and then it was over and we were ready to head back to our room...we had a big adventure planned for early thursday morning!

13but look who we almost stepped on on our way back to the room! gentle reader, please meet steve the snail...i should say, giant snail! and yes, kirogirl's eagle eyes spotted him and saved his life because we most assuredly would have squished him! there was a lady with two small boys walking with us...mom asked the youngest [ about 4 years old ] if he thought that was a big snail...his answer...no! we all got a chuckle out of that!!!

oh gentle reader, that is the tip of the ice berg for our adventure! i'm not sure how many takes there will be...i have a lot of photos and memories to share with all of you.

and i get it...not everyone wants to see vacation photos...i truly get that...so if you tune out, i definitely will not be offended in the slightest. well, actually, that's a lie...i hope you do tune in every day to check out our republica dominica adventure!

i am grateful:

  • for our safe travels
  • for no airport delays
  • for one camera that worked
  • for someone else making the beds
  • for someone else picking up the wet towels

just breathing isn't living!


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