dominican republic: take 1
dominican republic take: 3

dominican republic: take 2

i warned you, gentle reader!!!

here goes the second round!

we got up early thursday morning and grabbed breakfast then headed to the lobby to await our ride to ocean world where we were going to swim with the sting rays and sharks!!! kirogirl has always wanted to swim with the sting rays and even though it was kinda cheesey to go to "one of those places" it was a lot of fun!

19those are the sharks we would be swimming with! like in that very same pool. hopefully they will feed them breakfast before we jump in!

19me and kirogirl, checking out the shark pool while waiting for our swim time!

19we started off in the sting ray pool. this sting ray was the biggest of all of them...i think there were 3 or 4 in the pool. the pool wasn't very big but they were super friendly...even when we weren't feeding them fish!

19and here we are with snoopy...that was the name of the shark we hung out with. she was the second largest in the tank...kirogirl was disappointed...she wanted hannah, she's the biggest one of the 5.

20cyep, we fed her fish, she sat on our laps, we rubbed her tummy and she didn't even eat us!

20cwhoops...this should have been earlier and i really don't feel like moving it around...they really did feed them breakfast before we jumped into the pool! thank goodnes...because they were a little feisty!

20cposing with the nurse sharks!

after the sting rays and sharks, we headed to the rain forest!

20c first stop, the love birds....just wait for it...

20ctold you! walk into the their habitat and there are hundreds of these love birds flying freely...all to peck your eyes out and shit on your head...but none of that happened to us but ya know, it could really could have...

there is a lady in the habitat with bird seed and when she puts it in your hand, the love birds flock to your hand like turkey vultures to road kill...and they are as feitsty as those vultures for sure! you can tell by that photo ⬆ that kirogirl was not thrilled with this experience! seriously look at those wings...those love birds were not being so loving toward one another when it came to the bird seed!

20cahhh...that's a little better...kirogirl has a smile on her face!

20cnice, calm love they are living up their name!

20ckiroman was never worried about getting bird shit in his hair...cuz he was smart enough to wear a hat! oh, and i was picking freaking bird seed outta my hair the rest of the freaking afternoon, too!

20c the next habitat we went into was the macaws and toucans. this little guy was hanging out on the floor. kirogirl asked me if she should try to pet it, i said go ahead...umm, i should have said, ask the toucan if it's ok...because he tried to eat her fingers off! she said she felt his beak brush her fingers and she grabbed them back after trying to pet his head! i guess the answer is no, don't bother toucan sam, please!

20cafter the rain forest, we headed back to the resort and hit the beach to do a little more exploring! cuz that's what we do, we explore!

20cthere was a patch of sea weed so we investigated was hard to see what was playing peek a boo in it with the waves rolling in so i held hte camera under water and snapped a few to see if we could figure it out! well, hello, mr sea urchin! i'm so glad we didn't step on you!

31another shot of the resort from the pool area.

31after hanging out at the pool for a bit, we headed to the beach once again...we were going to ride the banana tube with another kiro family. while waiting to get our life jackets, there was a group of guys pounding these nuts...melody asked what they were doing and they showed her the nuts...almonds! fresh from the almond they shared one with each of us! let me tell you, it sure is a lot of work to get one little nut out of the shell!

31 so, i must tell you this...we were told that the banana tube would hold 8 and we had 7 so we thought we were golden! until we got to the beach and we were told that we could only go 5 at a time...that the tube wouldn't hold all 7 of us...and then we looked at the had handles for 3 riders and these ⬆ were the life jackets they had for us...i'm totally serious! they were so concerned about our safety on the tube, yet they were willing to send us out into the ocean with life jackets that toddlers were too big for! this photo is kiroman and joe.

31and here's joey...yep, that's the jacket he wore! i'm not kidding!

31kiroman and kirogirl are headed to the ocean and the tube!

31ah, yes, father and son...great fitting floatation devices!!!

31joe, vito and joey...joe asks if this is how it's done in nebraska...vito is taking in the sites and joey is holding his handle that isn't even there!

38here we go!!! believe it or not, we all came back safely! whew!

39after we were done with the tube, this guy met us on the beach...he was selling coconuts...kirogirl and i stayed to talk to him while everyone else left us behind!!! i don't think they though we were serious!!! but kirogirl was definitely serious about eating fresh coconut and drinking fresh coconut water!

39here's the coconut! he opened it so nicely for us, too! and then cut up the coconut inside to make it easier to eat, once we drank the water!

39mmmm...yummy!!! he even carried straws in his backpack!

39and this one ⬆ that is the coconut that has the real coconut water in it! the coconut is not good eat but the water was great!!!

42kirogirl is enjoying her coconut while we wait for kiroman to bring some cash back to pay the dude!

42the coconut selling guy asked if we wanted our picture taken with our coconuts!

42once the coconuts were taken care of, it was back to the pool. a pool filing up with chiropractors from around the world! jim dubel organized this friendly little volleyball match! kirogirl and i stayed pool side...she cheered them on, i snapped the photos and played line judge!

42now you can see the whole game with both teams!

42hahaha! after most of the coconut was eaten, it wouldn't sit on its own any longer so we propped it up in the ash was clean and it's not like we were going to eat the outside of the coconut. and it was joey's idea!

42this chair was in the lobby of the resort...kirogirl hates when i see funky chairs because she knows i'm going to make her sit in it so i can take her picture...i sure would hate to disappoint!!!

and that wraps up our photos for thursday!

this was the one night we ate at the restaurant...with the borios...and it was fabulous! and that's also when my g12 totally crapped out...i took several photos and noticed that they were not like they should be...they were totally washed out...totally scratched out...totally not i had no camera to take any photos the rest of the evening.

after dinner, we hung out in the lobby for a bit...instead of a magic show, they had some other kind of entertainment/contest between 4 guys...they had to give a lap dance to a lady that was older than my mom, they had to dress like female singers and lip sync...i'm not sure what else we might have missed before we got was funny, though.

then we called it a night because we had to be up and at 'em by 10am...because i had scheduled a tropical photo shoot first thing friday morning! my kiropeeps were so freaking excited that they hardly slept!


i am grateful:

  • to be able to flush toilet paper once again
  • for the experience to swim with sharks and sting rays
  • the love birds did not shit on my head
  • for hanging out at the pool with really cool kiro people
  • to have someone else make my bed


just so that i don't get behind on what's happening around here in the present time:

we got in monday afternoon and made a few stops before we actually made it home. obviously the doolittles were ecstatic to see us and mauled us the point where i was ready to go back to the republica dominica...but i understand they were happy we came back home.

we hung out for awhile and then decided to take the harley into the city and get something to grill for supper...and we did. we grilled some awesome steak and i was happy.

then we watched world war z...good movie...interesting points.

then it was bed time at kirohouse.

this morning, i finally made it back to the gym...after a month's hiatus. we took it slow and i listened to what my low back had to say about what was ok to do and what was not. total success!

then sister had her stitches removed and then it was back home to change out of my awesomely comfy yoga pants so that i could go into the office this afternoon.

on my way to the office, i stopped to see kirogirl at work. when i walked in, i noticed a pretty vase of flowers on the desk and she was talking to b. i'd never met him before so i was happy to have run into him this afternoon. then kirogirl told me he had brought her flowers to work! sweet is that? she was gone for a week and he brought these to her:

Flowerssmashing, isn't it?


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