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dominican republic: take 1

hell hound chronicles: issue 1

gentle reader, i've been meaning to write about this journey of adding hell hound to our pack.

but honestly, i haven't liked him.

i haven't enjoyed him being part of the pack.

i wasn't sure he was going to be able to stay so what was the point of wasting my time writing about him?

so i will begin at the beginning, ok?

and this won't be a one and done post...there is too much to share and i know i will grow bored talking about hell hound.

it all began years ago...i love reading historical romances and in some of those books, royalty had wolf hounds as pets and family guards. i fell in love with the thought of the breed...their loyalty, their dedication, their size.

one day, we were driving through town and there was a lady walking two ginormous dogs as we passed by. i told kiroman i was pretty sure they were irish wolf hounds...i had never seen one in real life so we backed up, jumped out of the truck and approached her. she let us pet them and we chatted for a bit.

i mentioned how cool it would be to have one some day.

well, some day arrived and i was not prepared...

not at all.

why? because we already have 3 dogs.

and that pack is settled and happy and everyone knows their place within the pack.

i was not willing to disrupt that homeostasis.

i was not willing to be in charge of puppy training.

i was not willing to be in charge of potty training.

i was not willing ot be in charge...period.

kiroman told me that years ago, he put his name on a waiting list. in order to be on that waiting list, he had to put down a deposit.

i told him to lose the deposit and let the dog go some where else...some where where someone was going to want to do all those puppy things.

after weeks of having this discussion, i thought it was laid to rest and no hell hound would be arriving in my house!

gentle reader, i was wrong...

the dog conversation started up again and finally, i was tired of hearing how great these dogs are, i gave in...knowing that i was not going to welcome him with open arms.

and, gentle reader, this dog was not across town...he lived somewhere in bfe minnesota...so this entailed a 5 hour drive one way to pick him up.

so after kiroman got done for the day on july 10, we headed for the hell hound.

we picked him up thursday morning.

Hell hound dad
just to give you an idea of how big this breed is...that ⬆ is hell hound's daddy...kiroman is about 5'9" and you can clearly see that daddy easily reaches his belly button.

...to be continued...

i am grateful:

  • for inner peace
  • for the quiet of magic lake during the week
  • for a sense of accomplishment
  • for allowing kirogirl to make her own decisions...legal, moral and ethical, obviously
  • for dropbox...love that app!

just breathing isn't living!


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