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oh, gentle reader, it is most assuredly that time of year. what time of year? you maybe's the time of year that it's time to take the boats off magic lake. i truly dislike this time of year, for sure. especially this year...we had such a funky summer and it seemed so, we weren't able to put our... Read more →

gentle reader, i am not finished with the republica dominica posts...i didn't have time today to finish editing the ones i want to use and then i found a few more that should have been posted that weren't...and i don't feel like putting that much energy into a post i am going to do a quick re-cap of tonight's... Read more →

gentle reader, it was a quiet weekend at magic lake! me, kiroman, hell hound and sister...that was it. such a quiet weekend that we didn't uncover one boat! can you believe it? i was there and i almost don't believe it! but it was nice. saturday morning i took kiroman to work so that we would have one vehicle for... Read more →

gentle reader, it has been 22 years, 264 months, 8030 days [ give or take for leap years ]. that was the last time i told my dad, see ya later... he passed away the very next day. and let me tell ya what really sucks about this...this year in particular... i always hate it when the dates and the... Read more →