dominican republic take: 4
that time of year

it's hockey time!

gentle reader, i am not finished with the republica dominica posts...i didn't have time today to finish editing the ones i want to use and then i found a few more that should have been posted that weren't...and i don't feel like putting that much energy into a post i am going to do a quick re-cap of tonight's season opener!!!

yes!!! it's hockey time in the city once again.

blood on the ice even!

and lancers win in a total and absolute shut out against the force...yes!!!!

i have been looking forward to this day for a very long time...not that i am wishing time away, i'm the last person to do that...but i have been anticipating this season opener...and let me tell you, i sure was not disappointed.

there were some major changes made within the lancer program...much needed changes, including a new head coach.

there were a few cuts that i questioned, also.

but let me say this, the team we saw play tonight is exceptional. they played with fire and passion and heart and intensity and aggressiveness that never glimmered last year. not once.

and oh boy! do we have some guys that aren't afraid to be physical...and that was something they really lacked last year once they traded their defenseman. guys are freaking awesome! i'm really looking forward to this team putting it all together this year!

go, lancers!!!

B and b hockeythe blimp dropped some tickets tonight and brandon caught one of the brewski's buy one get one!

B and b hockeyyou know it's tradition...second intermission photo op...we've always done it and it's always been second intermission...i have no idea why, it's the way it's always been. it was kinda hard to do a selfie of all 4 of us so the kind lady next to us snapped it for us.

i love how some things never the family that sits right behind us...they have the same seats every year...and the people right next to us...this is their second season and the people next to them, it's their second season and the people next to them have had season tickets longer than we have. it was cool tonight, to walk in and see the same people you haven't seen since last april! and we all get our cheer on for the lancers together.

it's a good thing!

and now, i will be following the team online until the next home game...oct 11th.

i am grateful:

  • hockey season is upon us
  • the lancers won
  • for the changes made within the lancer program
  • for our seats on the glass
  • to have introduced a new person to lancer hockey!

just breathing isn't living!


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