weekend wrap up
hell hound chronicles: issue 1

let the adventure begin!

gentle reader, the adventure has definitely begun!

i didn't know what to do with myself this morning!

i had my bags packed, electronics charged, money sequestered [ i just wanted to use that word ], the house was ready, the critters were fed, the dry cleaning on the front porch...i was ready!

and still had two hours to sit around until it was time to pick up kirogirl and head for the airport!

where we grabbed some awesome airport lunch and waited for our first flight of the day.

⬇ this is how kirogirl passed her time at the airport

i finally convinced her that breaking bad is definitely the next show in her netflix que...and she is totally addicted! so she was watching in the airport and taking advantage of the time it takes to load all the passengers...the very sad part...is that you can't stream netflix on the plane :(

we had an awesome flight from omaha to houston...where we had a couple hours to waste before the next flight.

we spent that time getting some food!

kirogirl spent that time pouting that we weren't there yet!

and then, before we even knew it...it was time to board the flight to miami [ where we get to spend the night and catch a flight to puerto plata in the morning ]

and, once again, this is how kirogirl spent her time:

so kiroman spent his flight time reading a book about irena sendler...absolutely fascinating story...check it out...go on, google her but only after you finish reading this post!

and kirogirl and i watched 4 episodes of season one of an american horror story...because i had already downloaded it to my ipad but never started watching...for some reason, she and i like to start tv shows together on trips...

and even though the story line is a little convoluted, i am already hooked!

we landed in miami, hailed a taxi and arrived at our hotel and the papa johns guy walks in while we are checking in...we grabbed a card, ordered a pizza and are chowing down before it's time to hit the sack, gentle reader.

we head outta the country tomorrow morning...i'm not sure what kind of internet access i will have there so i'm not sure there will be another post until we get back next week...

oh, hey...don't think the doolittles have been left to their own devices...we have the most awesome house and critter sitter in the world hanging out at kiroworld while we are gone!

and with that, gentle reader, i bid adieu!

i am grateful:

  • for our on time flights
  • our luggage is safe and sound
  • for the fun we have already had
  • for our house/critter sitter that allows us the freedom to travel
  • for the opportunity to travel

just breathing isn't living!


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