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oh, gentle reader!!! kiroman and i headed to magic lake wednesday night...cujo and hell hound joined us this time. kiroman had a few calls to take care of and then we chilled. and quite honestly, by 9:30 i was ready for bed. i wasn't feeling the head hurt, my back hurt and i felt flu-like. so off to bed... Read more →

that ⬆, gentle reader, is the old bike. ya, she was really old, we bought her last april...i mean april 2012. she had a whopping 1600 miles on her. she was a flashy, cool broad, that's for sure. i still sometimes miss her. in with the new! and that ⬆, gentle reader, is the new girl. she's pretty bitchin',... Read more →

every.single.time, gentle reader! every single time without fail... people lie people decieve but their actions? will never, ever, ever lie. that i can, and will, promise you! this is not always an easy lesson to learn, though. especially when you want to believe someone soooo much... sometimes you look beyond their actions and listen to the words only. and that... Read more →

oh, gentle reader, we had another fabulous weekend here in the heartland of america! that makes three in a row...the weather was fabulous, the company was was fabulous! we had a few sprinkles saturday and a few sunday but no big whoop! if you're at the lake and on a boat, you're gonna get wet so what difference does... Read more →

gentle reader, i promised the photo and i am delivering! mrs mo is on the left, her darling daughter is in the middle and i am on the right. isn't that one kick ass automobile??? i mean seriously! there are wings painted right under our butts! i will try to get a photo this weekend...anyways...we made darling daughter climb up... Read more →

oh gentle reader, do you feel it? the excitement is mounting! hockey season is upon us. the players are in town. practice began this week. photos are being taken for lancervision. we are three weeks out from the season opener. woot woot! i can not wait! i mean, i love love love summer...i love the time we spend at magic... Read more →