it's hockey time!
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that time of year

oh, gentle reader, it is most assuredly that time of year.

what time of year? you maybe's the time of year that it's time to take the boats off magic lake. i truly dislike this time of year, for sure.

especially this year...we had such a funky summer and it seemed so, we weren't able to put our boats onto magic lake until about the 4th of that made our boating season extremely short this!!!!

and no, gentle reader, i have not forgotten to wrap up the republica dominica trip...that post is still coming, i promise!!!

here is our weekend wrap up:

i was the first to arrive...i unloaded sister, hell hound and the rest o' the crap...which consisted of over night bags and groceries...and awaited the arrival of my tribe!

once the tribe arrived, we decided we needed to make a trip around magic lake on hee haw...because it was still a tad chilly to be taking the moomba out!

1so, we grabbed sister and headed for hee haw.

1oh gentle reader, that is an ibc rootbeer in the cup holder...i would have to be rip roaring drunk for it to be a beer...

we didn't even uncover the moomba on saturday! we took a few trips around on hee haw, started supper and hung out!

1i snapped this saturday night...i really had hoped it would have turned out cooler than it really did. because is real life, the reflection off the water was super cool!

1after dinner, we watched the end of hostages...doesn't look too bad but i am wondering how they will keep the plot going! while watching tv, sister claimed her spot on the couch!

1oh, ya...she likes to chill, for realz!!! i love that tongue of hers!

1let me tell you, gentle reader...sister is nothing but full of personality!!! and she loves to have her tummy rubbed...and she has no problem letting you know that you have fallen down in your duties!

1kiroman was up bright and early sunday morning and he snapped this photo and the next two. annnd, as i look at them, i can see that i have posted them completely backwards...oh least they are posted!


6soooo...later sunday, it kinda sorta warmed up. kirogirl wanted to get on that wake board one more time. kiroman said that if she went, he'd go but she had to get in first! the water was a chill 72* and the air temp wasn't much warmer. she really did get in. and she really did knock it a few times around the lake. she was freezing by the time she was's a good thing i brought a dozen towels along!

subscribers, please click on the actual post link to view the video.

kirogirl was a little disappointed that i failed to get her complete "up"...whoopsie!


6and after kiroman got done with his trips around magic lake, he grabbed some towels and a few z's!

6and then it was was time to load 'em up. this is the last trip of the season on hee haw...behind the truck.

6and the last trip in the moomba...until next year!

6and this is the saddest thing of all...both boats are parked in the drive...awaiting their turn to be winterized and stored away for the winter season.

6how cool is this photo? kirogirl was sleeping when we headed to the city. we had a few things to pick up that we didn't know we needed until we got to magic lake...and she snapped this pic while she was waiting for us to get back.

and, that, gentle reader, is the wrap of the end of the boating season at magic lake.

stay tuned for snow mobile and ice skating soon as weather permits...we will be ice skating and maybe playing a little pond hockey...and of course, there is snow mobiling to be done!

i am grateful:

  • to have driven both boats onto their trailers without wrecking anything! whew!
  • to have great weather to end our boating season
  • to have had great weather to load the boats [ we've done it in the cold rain fun ]
  • to have had the weekend with kiroman and kirogirl
  • to have photos to document our weekend!

just breathing isn't living!


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