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gentle reader, i found this quote on line and put it on my own photo of the make it more personal for me. i still find it amazing how much my life changed once the girl was born. nothing is ever the same. never, ever again. not my time. not my body. not my feelings. not my present. not... Read more →

gentle reader, this post is brought to you by the girl. she posted this earlier today and i asked if i could use it as a guest post... Cheating. I’ve been thinking a lot about why people do it because it makes literally no sense to me; if you aren’t happy then just leave, don’t knowingly put someone through that... Read more →

gentle reader, you know how i feel about regrets. i don't really buy into them. i feel we should live our lives in a manner in which we don't have to worry about regrets. that doesn't mean that we don't end up with a few regrets tucked in here and there, though. i'm not one for excuses, either. face it,... Read more →

gentle reader, i know it's been awhile...things have been pretty crazy around here! i know i told ya'll we were headed to the world show a week ago thursday and spent through tuesday morning in fort worth. i have lots of photos and stories and memories to share but i've not had time to process it all while getting caught... Read more →