the purpose of life is not to be happy
just be brave

attract what you expect

1gentle reader, the girl and i had this very convo only yesterday. kirohouse places an extreme emphasis on the universe. some may call it karma. we firmly believe that what you put into the universe is what you are going to receive from the universe.





what you think about, you bring about...that sorta thing.

i'm not dismissing religion, by any means...this is something completely different.

i mean...when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, do you notice how your whole day goes down hill from there?

that's why thoughts and words and actions are so important! especially in this day and age of social media.

holy cow! i have witnessed some incredible things because of texting, facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest...those things have been good and bad. they are what they are.

one thing we need to keep clearly in the front of our mind set...putting jk or just sayin' at the end of a horrid tirade does not make it ok! i know there are facebook pages where people act like unsupervised junior high children...saying horrendous things, thinking because they are within the sanctity of a facebook group, makes it ok. and those that say shitty things, really aren't shitty...they are good people...guess what? in my book, it doesn't matter in which venue you post shitty things...a closed group does not make it are still a shitty person!

anyway, the girl and i were talking about a personal situation of hers, i advised her to not put so much energy into worrying about something that has not manifested yet. putting that kind of energy into something like that will only attract what you are worrying about. she agreed and has since ceased the worrying.

ta da!

come on, i know it's not always that easy and some situations are more difficult than others. i get that and i know that.

what i do know: the people i choose to surround myself are the same people that live that quote from up there.

i strive, every day, to be that person. some days i must work harder than others, i admit. i have people that i strive to mirror. those are the kinds of people i want in my circle!

2this is what i woke up to this morning. as i do every morning, i jump right outta bed, bright eyed and bushy tailed, go to the kitchen for a glass of juice, check my phone for any important text messages and then let the doolittles out. well, this morning, i had an important message from the girl. it seems that she was giving piggy back rides last night. and then she decided it should be documented. and that i should see it. because that's how she rolls. sharing the fun she's having with friends. and honestly, i love it! i love seeing her have fun. i love seeing her smile. i love seeing her enjoy life.

2i had a few errands to take care of today. i was on the hunt for low protein food for brother, a stop at my favorite big box store...and look what i found!! the girl's second favorite movie...only because it's a sequel to her first favorite movie! and now she can also have it on her ipad to watch whenever she wants, where ever she is! i also picked up my mom and we did a little christmas shopping for kiroman...shhhhh...he doesn't know! and of course, i found something for myself but handed it over to be wrapped and tucked under the tree from my mom ;)
then i was back home to check on brother before i headed off to work tonight. he's doing ok. holding his own. i figured out how to get him to eat. he always perks up when we first get home, then he settles back into a comfy place and sleeps. wednesday is his appointment with the specialist. i know there is no going back but i want to do everything we can for him going forward.

2i love routines. i really do. and i think that people that think routines stifle them are crazy! routines are really pretty freeing in my never to be humble opinion...what you do sometimes, you do all the time! and spending time together as a family is so important to me! i just told you how the girl and i spend monday afternoons together...running errands but really, we are connecting, bonding, talking, relating. and then on tuesdays, she grabs lunch and eats with her daddy at the office, before she heads off to work. kiroman snapped this today...i know the girl would be shaking her head because it's kinda fuzzy but i love it. i love that she spends time with her daddy, i love that he is doing more photo documenting! i love that my husband and daughter and i are able to spend so much time together!

2i rarely do this...i mean rarely! but this afternoon, i had a few minutes to be bored so i snapped a few selfies and sent one to the girl to say hi...for fun. because i like to have fun. but you already knew that!

2so tonight, the girl came home after work. she wanted to check on brother and lend her support to her daddy. and spend time with sister...who was totally thrilled to see was was cujo. and this is what happens when the girl comes home...she is totally molested by sister. she could not get close enough to the girl on the couch tonight. she literally threw herself on the girl's leg jsut before this photo was taken!

2and this is what happend when the girl tries to leave! sister rolls onto her back and attempts to block the exit. of course, sister thinks she is all cute and all that when she does this. and in reality, she  is and we always give in to this behavior. and i'm ok with it because it's cute! it really is!

2and this is what happens when the girl attempts to walk around the belly offering to leave the house...sister rolls over to block the exit. seriously, this was absolutely hilarious to watch tonight! i think sister was extra needy tonight because they all know brother is not well but they just haven't figured out what the deal is yet. and honestly, they are all freaked out. they pick up on our moods, too...they always know when we are sad and that freaks them they have a lot to freak out over right now. and they all want as much people time as they can possibly get...more than normal. and i'm ok with that. i will give them as much people time as i possibly can...while still taking care of my regular trophy wife duties!
i am grateful:
  • to have helped my mom out with some of her gift giving
  • to have spent time chatting life decisions with the girl
  • kiroman has this time to spend with brother
  • brother decided to eat for us today
  • for a warm bed to crawl into

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