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heavy hearts today

he will make her the happiest girl in the world

1gentle reader, if you happen to be the parent of a daughter, a daughter old enough to seriously date, then you know of what i'm talking about here. i can only speak from my experience...i have not raised a son and cannot speak from that perspective. i can only speak from my own...

and if you are the parent of a daughter that has not seriously dated yet, then i can only tell you to hold on!

it's not easy to watch your child's heart be shattered into a million pieces. it's not easy to watch this pain they suffer without wanting to punch someone in the throat.

and then, you notice, little by little, that your little girl is getting through it. she's better every single day. she's living life out loud. following her path while carving out her own space.

and you are proud of her!

and you applaud her.

and you cheer her ass on!

and you know the world is righting itself.

and your own heart feels a little lighter.

and your heart smiles once again.

a parent is only as happy as their saddest child, gentle reader.

seeing the girl smile and be happy...makes my heart sing again.

speaking of the girl...take a few minutes to brag on her:

Target_edited-2my heart burst when she told me about this. i was so dang proud of her! i wonder how many people passed this poor lady and didn't give her a second thought! i'm so happy to know that the girl pays it forward!


so let's play a little catch up, shall we?

i admit that i have spent my spare time watching sons of anarchy instead of writing.

i needed a little me time...a little time to chill with mindless tv.

so i took it.

2through reading one of my favorite blogs, i found a new, cool app...key cam...it's a self timer for taking selfies...so i tried it out! and i like it! check it out!

2kiroman and i took a few ourselves!

2so did the girl and i...of course, she's flexing!!!

2a little girl time!

2for thanksgiving, we kept it rather small this year. but we still had all the fixings, including three turkeys! one roasted with stuffing [ and yes, everyone that ate the stuffing straight from the bird lived ], a fried turkey and a smoked turkey...straight from the green egg!

2i really didn't take many photos on thanksgiving day...the girl snapped this one of her grub!

2after everyone left, kiroman, the girl and i crashed on the couches and watched some tv while waiting for brett to arrive from des moines. he was coming in to spend a few days with us and hit the football game with kiroman! it was great having him here...he's such a great guy! the girl spent some time with us and then headed home since she was working all day friday...she had been gone for only a few minutes when she called the house. there was a dog that was wandering the highway and she wanted help. so kiroman, brett and i jumped in the car and headed to meet up with her. once we found her, we realized that the dog in question actually lived right where he was wandering. but i'd rather she call for help to save an animal rather than drive right on by like so many other cars did.

2happy girls! sister loves when the girl comes home!

2kiroman and brett at the game! they had a great time! however, the best part is that i didn't have to bundle up and go with kiroman! it was awesome since brett is a hawkeye fan and kiroman is a football fan period. if you know us, you know that we are texas fans through and through but he still enjoys a good game, no matter who is playing.

2later saturday morning these were delivered to kirohouse. they were from brett. thanking us. we should be the ones thanking him for his friendship! the best things happen when you hang out with the best people!

2one of the lions...he loves sleeping on top of the satellite receiver...probably because it's warm!

2i got this in a text from a friend...who saw this card while shopping. it was great that she said she thought of me when she saw it! i'd love to send these out! i know i have a few friends that would appreciate the humor and not be offended...

2the girl went with a friend to get ice cream...this was apple pie ice cream with real apples! she said it was yummy...i haven't tried it...yet.

2the girl loves to bake. check out her latest masterpiece! i think they look marvelous, darling!

2the photo of the day...our very first apha show horse...i dunit...we called him dunit. he's 20 years old in this photo...we sold him to a friend that still has him and trail rides with him. seeing this photo brought back so many memories!

i am grateful:

  • for apple tv
  • for a great holiday with family
  • for a fun visit with friends
  • hell hound's clotting factors are within normal limits
  • for the laughs facebook provides

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