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heavy hearts today

gentle reader, i digress from the usual blog opening of using a meme and expounding upon it. i can't do that tonight.

dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our life whole ~ roger caras

1this guy, brother, is fighting for his life tonight. shar peis are prone to what's called shar pei fever. it's a fever of unknown origins and causes their joints to swell and become hot, stiff and sore. not all shar peis have this...brother did. several times as a young puppy. the horrific side effect is that they are then prone to renal failure later in life. we've had one hell of a cold snap here this week...i chalked his lethargy up to the cold. he hates, absolutely hates, the cold. but last night he vomited and this morning he vomited two more times...not the kind where you don't feel good vomit but the kind that tells you something is not right with his systems vomit. it was horrible. he looked horrible. so i immediately called our vet and made an appointment. he's lost a few pounds since he was there last, not a good thing. dr bailey decided to do an abdominal xray because of the symptoms i told her he presented...they were also going to run his labs...she said i could wait up front that it would take about 30 minutes. i had my smart phone so i had texting, facebook and instagram to keep me occupied. helen told me i could go back to the exam room...that is never a good sign. i knew immediately that brother would not be coming home with me this morning and that i was, most likely, about to receive bad bad bad news. and i was right...on both accounts. brother would be staying through the weekend so that fluids could be run in order to flush his kidneys...his levels were so high, they could not be charted. his kidneys are failing. flushing is an attempt to well, flush the crap out and help his body re-boot. i'll know more saturday morning. i am going to take this one step at a time. i am not going to fast forward into drama. i am going to keep a positive mind set until there is reason not to. i am confident in our vet. i am confident that he is young enough to battle this war successfully. believe me, gentle reader, i will keep you updated.

kiroman has been at magic lake since wednesday night...i have lots of photos to share but not right now! instead, we are going to fast forward to friday night's lancer game!

1these little cuties were the first intermission entertainment! they were freaking adorable! they danced to splish splash and those little pink tubs were their "tubs". they did a fabulous job!!!

1we had a lot of people to squeeze into the first intermission shoe photo!!! left to right: dillon, the girl, trophy wife, kiroman, dave, tony, jeff. dillon did a great job getting everyone in the photo! i had no idea how we were going to pull this one off but here's the proof!

1no selfie tonight...the awesome lady two rows behind us took our second intermission group photo! same sequence as the shoe shot...dillon, the girl, trophy wife, kiroman, dave, tony and jeff. we had a great time at the game tonight! i love being around people that are happy, having fun and have a freaking sense of humor! i needed a laugh or a fight tonight...i got a little of both! we had lots of laughs for sure and there was one kick ass fight...fargo hit the ice first, lancers win...plus we won the game...yep, a win all the way around!!

after the game, kirocrew headed back to magic lake to mastermind some more...although, i saw some of the photos from tonight...i'm not sure how much work they are getting done! i dropped the kids off at the girl's place and headed home to light the fireplace, write a little blog post and watch an episode or two of soa...

and now, now i want footie pajamas and to curl up with cujo and sister and dream good things for brother...will you dream with me, please? thank you.

peace out.

i am grateful:

  • kiroman was not so far away that he was able to visit brother this afternoon
  • for an evening with great people
  • heated seats on this frigid night
  • a warm house to come home to
  • a great vet team to take care of brother

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