you're braver than you believe
attract what you expect

the purpose of life is not to be happy


1gentle reader, if you've been here long, you are already aware of my infinity for ralph waldo emerson. and this happens to be one of my most favorite quotes. i'm not really going to talk too much about this quote right now and the reason why will become evident later in this post, i assure you.

2i was at the office when the mail arrived today. kiroman received a happy snail mail package from another chiro he shared a table with while doing his philosophy weekend. apparently, they tussled over who was going to have the mint bowl nearest kiroman has a huge bag of mints all for his little ol' self!

2remember when i said that later in the post, the reason for today's meme would be revealed? here's the rest of the story: last friday i stopped in at my favorite make up counter and my favorite make up sales lady was working. i got what i needed and then tracy asked me what the girl was in to because she wanted to get her something for christmas. what??? no!!!! you don't have to do that, i told her. and then she told me she knew she didn't have to, it was something she wanted to do because the girl is always so happy, smiley and bubbly when she comes in. she then told me she sees so many girls her age come in and so many of them act like snots and are rude ans nasty. i told her that kiroman and i would never stand for that. so she asked how many kids we had. i told her the girl was the only one we had. her eye brows raised and she was like, whoa, so she really had the opportunity to grow up to be a spoiled, rotten brat and she didn't! you guys did a great job with her! i hope my daughter grows up to be like that!

wow! what the hell do you say back to that? thank you didn't seem to be enough but that was all i could say.

so then this afternoon, the girl and i spent our afternoon hanging out and doing errands together. one stop was the mac counter for mascara for the girl. tracy was working and had a gift for the girl...the coach phone case ⬆⬆⬆ the girl was flabbergasted...she didn't open it right away. she opened it after we had walked away from tracy. we went back immediately so that the girl could thank her.

i mean, how many times has your make up counter lady given you a christmas gift? it's never happened to me, gentle reader but it just happened to the girl.

so once again, i sing her praises and am in awe of this awesome girl i call daughter!

2first, let me explain that you are not seeing her underwear here, ok? we went shopping for snow mobile clothes for the girl...she needed pants, a coat, gloves and's been so long since we've done this that she had totally outgrown everything eons ago! so we checked out our favorite sporting goods store. these pants were a size small. i told her to pull them on over her yoga pants [ so what you are seeing inside the snow pants are her yoga pants, not undies ]. they don't carry extra small so we had to hit the girls department. bingo! we found a pair that actually fit her!

2i was able to pick up brother this morning and bring him home. he was incredibly happy to be home for sure. he was happy to see his brothers and sister. he was happy to have his own bed back. he was happy to be in familiar surroundings. and then he was really really happy to see kiroman tonight.

2now, if we could get him to eat a little something before bedtime, but he is not so interested in eating and i don't like that one bit.

2check out this beautiful arrangement that was waiting for me when i got home tonight! from the awesome david and nicole a thank you for hosting the epic mastermind this past weekend. gentle reader, this was such a generous gesture for realz! they smell very holidayish, too! i tell you, hang out with the best people and the best things happen!

i am grateful:

  • for another monday errand day with the girl
  • when i know someone has kiroman's back
  • when someone acknowledges how the girl has touched their life
  • for the flexibility to be able to take care of brother
  • to be able to sit by the fire while i write this post

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