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hahahahaha! i'm laughing so hard right now. i am holding my sides that ache from my laughter. i may have to run to the bathroom so i don't pee my pants from this laughter! ok. whew. now that i'm over that laughing fit...and i'm truly hoping to not be caught by another bout of laughter...i'll explain a bit. *cough* if... Read more →

good day, gentle reader! no meme this morning...i have far too many photos to get posted and so here we go! i think it's awesome that one of the animal's friends also noticed that paige hathaway had liked her photo! the animal is still on cloud 9 over it! and i can't say that i blame her at all! friday... Read more →

words of wisdom, gentle reader. words of wisdom. most of the time. and sometimes, you fight really hard for what you want and it still doesn't happen for you. why? because some things are not totally within our control. sometimes, we depend on other people to cooperate with what we want. and if that doesn't happen, well then, it doesn't... Read more →

hey, gentle reader! if you know me in real life, you already know that i live this way pretty much all the time. life is too short to be boring! i'm not talking about being off the chart stupid here. i'm talking more about having fun. about being out there. who cares what people think, right? take the ladies in... Read more →

gentle reader, we've all been there. we've all said...we've all done...we've all thought things we wish we could take back. we've all had mulligan over moments. but life ain't rigged that way. you really don't get a do over, so to speak. but you can always make a conscious effort to do better next time. i'm not sure that... Read more →