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oh, gentle reader! we spent memorial weekend at a horse show in cedar rapids, iowa. and it was fabulous and fun and i loved every single minute of it! we've been at this horse thing for a long time now. the animal started showing when she was 2! that's when we started leadline. and now the animal is 21...that's a... Read more →

but first... i want to give a shout out to my mom! she is a pretty special lady. i know we all feel that way about our moms. but i'm going to brag on mine for a minute. she's pretty awesome. she raised 4 pretty awesome kids. she taught me everything she knew! she taught me how to be a... Read more →

gentle reader, it's been awhile. i know it. you know it. i keep it real even when i'm not writing here. sometimes life steps in and takes over. sometimes writing and publishing gets moved to the back burner or taken off the stove completely. sometimes the muse hibernates. i have felt the stirrings of the muse lately. i have procrastinated... Read more →