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gentle reader, this epitomizes muscle girl! she freaking rocks at t his. if you don't follow her instagram, look her up: @k0cac0la. she is always posting her gym progress...and that has become quite the inspiration for so many people...she also posts really great inspirational messages. i love this girl! so now...check out her "temporary" business cards and pens. she is... Read more →

gentle reader, life is flying by at major fast forward, warp speed! so many things are happening all at once that sometimes, i actually run into myself as i am turning around...and all this time, i thought that was a skill only dogs possessed as they chase their tails! so, the week before this last week...muscle girl was in kansas... Read more →

gentle reader! what an awesome holiday weekend! i hope you had as much fun as we did. this is one of my most favorite holidays...celebrating our independence day...woohoo! a big shout out to those that serve every single day to keep us safe. a big shout out to those that have given up so much in order for us to... Read more →