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gentle reader, this happened! muscle barbie began this journey more than a year and a half ago. i've told you before that it's her story to tell but i will tell you a bit. a bad experience with a guy dragged her to the deepest depression she has ever experienced. i'm not going to go into those details because they... Read more →

it started shortly after i went to bed last night. i went to bed later than i should have...knowing that muscle barbie was going to be up at 5am, thus i would be awakened at 5am. but much earlier than that, kiroman rolled over and asked who was barking and were they really barking or having a dream. i mumbled... Read more →

gentle reader, that was the question i was faced with answering. and i could totally and honestly answer this question with: uh...not really. what's your idea of forced? this happened tonight: kiroman was all tucked into bed. one of the lions jumped on the bed and settled down between us. then he crawled to kiroman and insisted on being petted.... Read more →