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BlaikekocadotcomBLOGgentle reader, this happened!

muscle barbie began this journey more than a year and a half ago. i've told you before that it's her story to tell but i will tell you a bit.

a bad experience with a guy dragged her to the deepest depression she has ever experienced. i'm not going to go into those details because they make me really uncomfortable. but let's just fast forward to her joining me at the gym. and she liked it. she liked it a lot.

at the time, she was going through the motions of university but not really feelin' it.

i can totally understand! just ask my mom how my one and only semester at university turned out...she will tell you that it wasn't so great.

and then there was another bad experience with a guy. and even though she had become very committed to the gym, her commitment level grew even more.

from the first experience, she learned that she was not going to allow herself to ever find herself in that place again.

she used the gym as her outlet for all of her feelings and she really pushed the limits.

she began talking with our trainer, who told her about the program he did, through a local technical school, to get his nasm certification. she became intrigued by this whole idea.

the funny part about this...when she used to work out with me while in high school, our trainer then and i had attempted to talk her into doing fitness training but she wasn't interested at that time.

so we looked into the program.

and decided that two years of university, without really knowing what she was working toward was over and she was going to enroll in the personal fitness training program instead.

it was a 50 week, very intensive course. 8-4, monday through thursday, with one hour of training or being trained every day.

muscle barbie sailed through this course like nobody's business! i mean, she missed class when we went to the dominican republic and again for the apha world show and that was about it. she studied hard. she was dedicated. and she came out with a 4.0 gpa.

class was officially over august 10, 2014.

she had an externship for the last 5 weeks of class and that turned into a full time job!

this past friday, she sat her nasm certification exam and passed!

she is the first one out of her class to pass the exam.

i am so stinking proud of her!

i still train with my regular guy twice a week and then i train with muscle barbie on fridays. i see her with her clients [ yep, a few weeks in and she has 10 regular clients and 3 clients that are involved with the challenge ].

check out her website.

send her an email if you are interested in finding your best you with her help. i guarantee she won't let you down.

all a parent can really wish for their child is that they find their true passion and happiness and go for it with no regrets!

i never cared what career choice she chose.

i only wanted her to be the best whatever she chose she could possibly be.

and i'm proud to say that she has done just that.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • an awesome dentist that got kiroman taken care of right away this past week
  • for a mellow weekend
  • muscle barbie came home for dinner
  • for the three loads of laundry that were processed today
  • for dogs that lick your face and cats that curl up on the couch

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