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our road trip...

gentle reader, we recently went on a road trip.

well, it didn't start out as a road trip.

it started out as a flying to rapid city, south dakota rent a car and do a road trip.

kiroman was speaking at the black hills chiropractic society meeting friday and saturday. well, it started out as just saturday but then a friday speaker was unable to make it so they asked if kiroman could cover. obviously he said yes because that's the kind of guy he is!

when i found out, i suggested that we make it a long weekend and re-visit our favorite places in the black hills.

muscle barbie was in. i was in. and obviously kiroman was in since he was speaking!

we flew outta here at oh dark thirty thursday morning.

rented a car and headed for deadwood. 

along the way, we became hungry for breakfast and found a cool little diner just off the interstate. nope, none of us got a picture because all we could think about was bacon.

we found our hotel easily and got checked in early...yippeee!

we dropped our bags and us girls quickly changed out of our comfy travel gear and freshened up before we headed off for the day.

our first stop was the Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. a patient suggested to kiroman that we make it a point to stop here.

i am so glad we did.

upon parking and attempting to find someone to pay our entry fee to, we met the man that makes it all happen. he is a great guy and is doing a noble thing for animals that have no other choice.

i am so glad we stopped. we are financially supporting this effort and i truly hope to be able to volunteer time here in the future.

most of the animals that end up here started out as pets. then people realized they were not capable of keeping them any longer and so those animals find themselves donated to zoos { where they don't do so well so they are so domesticated } or in similar sanctuaries.

we took over a hundred  photos and several videos. i am not going to bore you with all of it. so i picked a few to highlight the day.

1this is an african lion. yes, a lion not a lioness. you are probably asking why this lion has no mane. we asked the very same question of our tour guide. it is because this lion was neutered at a very young age. when that happens, their mane does not grow as they mature. can you even imagine? Yes, he started out as a family pet.

3this guy definitely has his mane. he is over 20 years old and has been part of the sanctuary for almost all of his life. why? because a mom bought him as a pet for her daughters. this lion slept in bed with the girls! a bunkbed, to boot! he became very possessive of the girls and wouldn't let the mom go near them. some how the mom got the lion to the bathroom and locked him in. he tore the bathroom apart and now he lives here.

4do you see what is in the enclosure with this big cat? it's an ordinary, run of the mill house cat. and they co-exist. together in the enclosure. this was fascinating to me.

when we got to the coyote pen, there was an australian shepherd in with a female that had to be separated from her brothers because they were a little aggressive. they didn't want her to be lonely, so they gave her a dog as a roommate. interesting, yes? yes!

5i can't remember the reason why but this cougar had his left front leg amputated.

6after touring the lions, tigers, bears, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, and racoons, we visited the barn yard animals and got to feed the sheep, donkeys and chickens.

7and don't forget the camels and llamas!

check out this awesome video of what the male llama does if he thinks you are paying to much attention to the ladies ^^^

8and this is how we ended our tour ^^^ muscle barbie has a thing for pigs...large and small. this one is pretty large!

9same pig, different spot in the barn. he liked muscle barbie because she gave him great belly rubs. when she left him the stall { previous photo } he followed her out to get more lovin' for his belly that drags the ground.

i sincerely encourage you to stop in to visit this place if you are ever in the black hills...it's worth your time, energy and donation.

they are doing good things.

on a side note: please make wise choices in choosing family pets. kittens grow into cats. puppies turn into dogs. and lion cubs turn into really big lions.


i am grateful:

  • to have been told to visit the sanctuary
  • there are people out there doing great things
  • the llama spit missed muscle barbie
  • muscle barbie stepped out of her comfort zone and hand fed those annoying chickens.
  • they let us catch up to the tour group even though we were a little late

just breathing isn't living!


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