our road trip...
another happy ending

and so it was halloween


happy belated halloween, gentle reader!

i hope you all enjoyed a spooky celebration.

earlier in the week, muscle barbie had a fun photo shoot with dan from models by design and make up artist samantha hathhorn. i'll be sharing a few more photos in a later post.

how did ya'll start off your holiday weekend?

kirofamily started ours off with a trip to the movie cinema! we contributed our hard earned cash to some popcorn, candy and soda! *gasp* then we settled back in the dream loungers and watched the martian.

for the love of all that is movie goodness...this was the best movie i have seen in many years. 

and i'm not kiddin' ya!

yes, it was worth the cost of admission.

yes, it was worth the cost of the snacks.

yes, it was worth the 2.5 hours of my time.

yes, i will see it again (when it comes out on dvd).

yes, i highly recommend it.

yes, there were times i was wishing this was a true story and that every victory the character had in the movie was a true victory in real life.

yes, to all of it.

have i convinced you to go see it, if you haven't already? and if you have already, why didn't you tell me sooner that i needed to see this one???

so then saturday rolls around. kiroman went to work, business as usual. then afterwards, he was off to play a round of golf at his favorite course in town.

so i headed into the city to do a few errands and coerced muscle barbie into going along with me. i honestly can't remember where all we ended up and what i needed to bring home but i'm pretty sure i got everything i set out for.

i dropped muscle barbie off to get ready to celebrate halloween as a skeleton and i went home to get ready for a night of hockey! stars coming to the home of the lancers! and yes, lancers won! woohoo! and our signs made it to the big screen...and got quite a chuckle from the crowd, too, i might add.


settle down, gentle reader, it's all in fun.

(well, most of the time it is. i admit there are times that i really mean it and it's not in fun)

which brings us to saturday night and the whole time change debacle.

don't get me wrong, this is my native time as i was born in december. and i embrace in that manner.

however, the minions have no effing clue what the time change means.

they are like children that way.

they still go to bed by their clock and are ready to go out at 5:50am now...which used to be 6:50am.

see what's happening here?

i don't like it one single bit.

and try as i might, i have not been able to get them over this hump yet.

they are still crashing at 8pm and howling before 6am.

anywhoooo...after getting through the first morning of the clocks jumping back 60 minutes, we were having family photos taken! yes! (fist pump from mom's everywhere)

dan was kind enough to take the photos and kristi from the oakview buckle was instrumental in our wardrobe choices.

oh, who am i kidding!

i started to panic a bit when i realized that i didn't have any good pics of us to put on a christmas card!

so muscle barbie suggested talking to dan. which she did and together they set up the photo shoot date and time.

then i stressed out that i wasn't going to have time to get clothes together so i asked muscle barbie to get a hold of kristi.

and wallah! within hours she had our wardrobe picked out and waiting for us!

i highly suggest having your own personal wardrobe technician, it's very liberating!

here's a sneak peak (i'll share more later)


she did a great job of putting the colors and textures together without us looking 1980's matchy matchy.(we were at a very popular location for outdoor, family photos...believe me, we saw a lot of matchy matchy!) stop in and see her...she's awesome.

check out dan for your photo needs...he does a fabulous job and he's a lot of fun, too.

and that brings us to pretty much the close of the holiday weekend.

now, i must tuck away the halloween decor until next year.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for seeing such an awesome and inspiring movie
  • for the lancer win over the stars
  • for awesome weather for the 2015 family photo shoot
  • my family acquiesced to the photo shoot
  • the minions. always the minions

just breathing isn't living!


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