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another happy ending

gentle reader, we all love happy endings, don't we?

do you remember earlier this year...this past april, our boomer went missing? he got out of the backyard, through a gate that was not properly secured. he was missing for 11 days. i hadn't given up hope but the all day searches were over. 

well, we all know how that ended, right? boomer was found and we brought him home...he now wears a gps collar anytime he is out of his kennel...even in the house, just in case he gets out...we can track his every move, friends!

that brings me to today's story of this little sweetheart ⬇︎


about 2 this afternoon, i heard barking. at first i thought nothing of it. all of our neighbors have dogs and someone is always barking.

but the barking persisted and it sounded pretty close. i knew our closest neighbors dogs were not outside.

then i heard the ups truck and the barking was closer.

so i opened to the door, to poke my head out to see what the barking was about and this little cutie ran right into the house, like she owned the place.

needless to say, the minions were all excited about the thought of a new playmate!

gigi didn't think too much of them, though!

so i drove our little neighborhood and talked to the neighbors that were home.

no one was missing a dog so i went home, snapped a picture of her, posted on lost pets of omaha area and our neighborhood facebook pages, made a flyer to put at our common mailbox area and hoped for someone to claim her.

we left the house about 5:30 to pick up muscle barbie to head to our new favorite past time [ yes, i will fill you in at a later time ] and didn't get back home until about 8:30.

yes! there was a message on our answering machine!

gigi's family was desperately looking for her and very anxious to have her back.

gigi's dad had gone to the humane society to fill out missing dog paperwork and someone there told him that someone had posted earlier about a dog that matched his description so he checked out the facebook page.

it was their gigi!

i was so happy to see everyone re-united.

i know how hard it was to have boomer missing but i knew he could handle his own out there in the world. 

poor little gigi would have had a hard time of it. as it was, she had to cross 4 lanes of highway traffic and wandered almost 2 miles from her home!

i love stories with happy endings!'s good to be back. i guess this was the story i needed to fuel my muse.

thank you, gigi 💜


i am grateful:

  • gigi's family found her
  • for a great evening with kiroman and muscle barbie
  • for feeling my muse again
  • for the warmth in my heart
  • for comfy, long sleeve t-shirts [ random, right? ]

just breathing isn't living!


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