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oh i bet that caught your attention, didn't it, gentle reader? hahahaha! yes, there is a story behind this title. one night, while we were in cabo, we were at our favorite beach bar, the mango deck, with our favorite server, joe. i do not remember exactly what brought up the subject of sex music. it had to be something... Read more →

gentle reader, i strongly encourage you to see this movie, if you didn't make it to the theater this past weekend. it is a must see. if you have been a reader here for any time at all, you have probably noticed that you don't see much in the arena of political posts. i really don't do that here. however,... Read more →

gentle reader, it is always amazing to me to realize how fast time passes. muscle barbie recently posted on social media about her very real, very personal, very destructive, very depressing, very emotional time period in her life. she's transparent about that time in her life. if you are friends with her on any of her social media, you have... Read more →

gentle reader, we have a new hobby here in kirofamily. when winter comes around, we find we don't have a lot of hobbies around here. our hobbies are mainly outside activities. i know, there are winter outside activities but i don't care for them. it means getting bundled up with 19 layers of clothes, snow pants, scarves, hats, gloves, and... Read more →