weekend in the rear view
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gentle reader, we all face challenges. every single day of the week of the month of the year of our lifetime.

some days those challenges are epic in nature.

some days those challenges are minor blips on our radar.

i always tell people facing epic challenges that we have to have those difficult days in order to appreciate the good and great days.

otherwise, the good and great days would soon look like epic challenge days.

that might not make sense to all of you. or any of you. or maybe it just makes sense to me.

hell, right now, i have no idea.

i'm not one to whine and complain.

because: why?

in order to know what good is, you have to know what bad is.

in order to know what easy is, you have to know what hard is.

in order to know happy is, you have to know what sad is.

in order to know light, you have to know darkness.

it's the yin and yang of life.

i'm not even gonna lie. today was a challenge.

it really was.

i am so grateful for kiroman. 

i am so grateful that he and i know how to work as a team.

that makes the epic challenges so much easier to navigate.

i am so grateful that the challenge we experienced today has been resolved and we have learned to put even greater safety measures in place.

gentle reader, technology is a wonderful thing.

until it fails you.

and you think you are prepared.

then you find that you were not as prepared as you anticipated.

but all is right with the technology world tonight.

many thanks to the great tech support people we have for both our software and hardware.

i don't know where we would be without them!

so my parting advice is this: if you think you have a plan for technology failure, quadruple check that plan and maybe even put another layer of protection together.

i don't ever want to travel this road again, thank you very much!


i am grateful:

  • for data back ups
  • for data recovery services
  • for software tech support
  • for hardware tech support
  • for lightning fast internet speeds

just breathing isn't living!


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