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harley ride, pbr and minions

gentle reader, it was a pretty fab weekend around here.

the one thing that was missing was muscle barbie. it seemed we were traveling in different directions this past weekend.

friday night she went to the movies with friends.

friday night we stayed home, grilled some awesome steaks and watched the trust with nicolas cage.

yeah. don't waste your time.

i am a huge nicolas cage fan...way back to fast times at ridgemont high, ok? he worked at the fast food place with brad...

i honestly became a huge fan when he played randy in valley girl.

anyways, the trust was not one of his better movies, unfortunately.

soooo...friday afternoon, the road glide was delivered!

we couldn't wait to take it out saturday afternoon.

first, a pit stop had to be made at the dealership to have some adjustments made for the backrest.

1i followed kiroman in case they were going to need to keep it. this is the maiden voyage!

recently, we hired the neighbor girl to clean stalls and i've chatted with her mom quite a bit. fun lady! then i found out they have a harley, too...and the same salesman we have...small world, eh?

so all four of us, on two bikes, headed out for a ride.

the weather wasn't great but the company was awesome. we will definitely have more rides together this summer!

after our two hour excursion, we headed home to get ready for the pbr...with our neighbors again.

2it's been a long time since we've gone to anything like this...a few years ago, kiroman and i hit the rodeos close to home. we had a great time and you can see that we had awesome seats, right at the shoots!

after we dropped the neighbors off and we were headed up our drive, i asked kiroman when was the last time we went out with people our own age, without muscle barbie.

yeah, neither of us could come up anything.


sunday was a quiet day around here.

we added some furniture to the upper deck so we spent some time out the sun and wind!

the minions came out with us and kiroman stole a snooze while percy found a comfy place under the coffee table.

3kiroman pulled his shirt over his face to keep the sun at bay so he could nap!

4if you look closely, you can see willy's tongue! somehow he was able to squeeze his porky body under the couch...

it was definitely strange to not spend any time with muscle barbie, though.

she worked saturday then spent the rest of the day and evening with friends and on sunday she had domestic things to do while fitting in her cardio and posing for her next competition...

folks, we are 2 and 4 weeks out and let me tell you, she is looking mighty fine. her hard work and dedication is something to be appreciated!

ha! i say we like i have anything to do with it...i cheer her on from the sidelines. i support her. i listen to her and give advice when i can but since i am nowhere near an expert in this arena, i keep my mouth shut on the advice!

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for making new friends
  • for a dedicated daughter
  • for a funny husband
  • for minions that entertain me
  • for the sunshine on my face

just breathing isn't living!


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