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johnny cash by kid rock

gentle reader, i might be on to something here. 


maybe not.

but, twice in a row i am posting a song that resonates with me.

here's to another funky friday post!

go me!

i admit to being kinda late on the kid rock scene.

i heard picture on the radio.

that was it, i was hooked. i lapped up every album and song and we even took muscle barbie to a kid rock concert when he was touring.

i have been to quite a few concerts in my lifetime and i have to say that he gives, if not the best, then he at least ranks in the top 3, concerts i have ever been to.

johnny cash is on his first kiss album.

great album.

i don't even have a skip over song on this album.

i listen from beginning to end...well, actually, i listen from end to beginning because that is how it downloaded on my purchased playlist.

if you haven't already, give this song a's pretty cool.

every girl wants her guy to want her like this. 


not even kidding.

and i'm lucky enough to have that guy.

love you to the moon and back, kiroman! to infinity and beyond...forever and ever!

it was worth the listen, wasn't it?


I am grateful:

  • to have a sparkling clean house
  • for making plans with new friends
  • for picking up the moomba today
  • for windshield time with kiroman
  • for a freshly cut lawn

just breathing isn't living!


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