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i'm not sure when it started. some time after muscle barbie moved into the dorms. about january 2012, i guess. she and i started a good night ritual. it started off as just a text good night. and it wasn't always every night. but was most nights. i guess cuz i missed her. even though she was only 30 minutes... Read more →

it used to be that our weekends in the non lake going season were rather boring. we might hit a movie on friday night but otherwise, we were pretty much homebodies...which is just fine by me. so not so lately, gentle reader! when exactly does the weekend start? is it friday, when you are done with the 8-5? maybe even... Read more →

take cover! run to the hills! save yourself! oh, gentle's that time again...i dread it...i really do. mercury has entered retrograde. this began on april 28th...we still have many days to go. some will say it's no big deal. and to that i say: hogwash. it's like a total and clear effect {you probably could use affect here, also}... Read more →