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weekend wrap up

mercury is retrograde

take cover! run to the hills! save yourself!

oh, gentle reader...it's that time again...i dread it...i really do.


mercury has entered retrograde.

this began on april 28th...we still have many days to go.

some will say it's no big deal.

and to that i say: hogwash.

it's like a total and clear effect {you probably could use affect here, also} of having a full moon.

and not just for one night but for weeks.

or maybe i just need something to blame all this tom foolery on...and mercury is as good as any dog to kick {metaphorically speaking...I would never kick a dog...a person, maybe...a dog...no!}

i don't even have to go that mercury retrograde website to know that we are close or in the midst of it.

i can feel it. same as the full moon phases...

but i will motor through this because that's what a person must do. you can't just hide away until the fun with mercury is over.

so let's charge full force ahead, shall we?

so this past weekend was muscle barbie's first body building show of the season. it was a tamaarta show in our own city {which is nice, since there was no traveling involved}.

this was the first show of this federation that she has competed in and it was truly eye opening.

the morning began at the gym where each competitor had to do several exercises at a pre-determined weight. 

it started off with barbell squats {115 lbs}, then sit ups, then bench press {85 lbs}, then jump boxes {20 inch}, then one arm snatches {25 lbs}, then deadlifts {135 lbs}, then a-frame {25 lbs}, then ball slams {15 lbs}, then renegade rows {25 lbs}, then burpees.

each exercise gives you one minute to do as many reps as possible.  there is a minute rest between each exercise but after 5, there is a 5 minute rest.

it was grueling to watch muscle barbie go from one exercise to the next, barely having time to catch her breath before picking up the next weight.

i truly admire this chica!

after the gym part was done, the competitors took off to shower, get their spray tans then get dolled up for the stage presence portion.

muscle barbie competed in the women's sculpting division. she was in the 20 - 40 division, the open division, and the short division. 

she won the 20 - 40, was 2nd in the short, and was 5th in the open.

which is absolutely amazing.

they combine the gym scores with the stage presence scores to designate the winners.

she was fabulous in the gym, she was fabulous onstage.

i am just so darn proud of her.


we celebrated with dinner at joe's crabshack and then it was back to meal plans the next day...her next competition is in a couple weeks!

the discipline and dedication these athletes have is beyond amazing.

when everyone else is eating whatever they want, drinking whatever they want, and staying up all hours of the night...these guys are packing their meals with them everywhere they go. no ordering off the menu for them. they are getting plenty of rest. they stay in when their friends are going out in order to avoid temptation.

believe me, these guys would devour 12 bags of frito lays, given the opportunity but they choose not to.

and not to prove anything to you or me.

but to themselves.

to know they stuck to the plan and it paid off.

to know that they are working steadily towards their goals.

to know they have given it their all and done the absolute best they possibly could.

muscle barbie is a true warrior in that sense.

and guess what?

it's all natural, baby!


way to go, girl, way to go!


i am grateful:

  • the family and friends that came to support muscle barbie
  • to have one show under our belts
  • to see the light in her eyes when she is onstage
  • the rain didn't streak the spray tan too much
  • spending the day with cool people

just breathing isn't living!


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