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weekend wrap up

it used to be that our weekends in the non lake going season were rather boring. we might hit a movie on friday night but otherwise, we were pretty much homebodies...which is just fine by me.

so not so lately, gentle reader!

when exactly does the weekend start?

is it friday, when you are done with the 8-5?

maybe even thursday.

what if you work on saturday?

see what i'm talkin' 'bout here?

the weekend is totally relative to your state of being.

thursday, kiroman had a golf outing at his local favorite course.

i stayed home but we caught up later and did a few errands, which including stopping by kiroworld and checking up on the chiropractic students that were visiting.

on friday, i experienced a very intense workout that left my knee caps sweating!

gentle reader, i don't like to sweat. and sweating knee caps is kind of new to me but i am enjoying the results so i'm not complaining...stating facts ;)

afterward, i headed to my favorite fast food fit go...and picked up a meal from my favorite fast food cashier...muscle barbie then i headed for kiroworld for our meeting.

then home to take care of the critters and shower and be back in town to pick up muscle barbie and meet the gang for dinner.

it was a great dinner and nice to chat with the 3 students that had spent the last day and a half in our office...

we didn't charge them {yes, there are offices that do}.

we didn't sell them anything {yes, there is offices and practice management businesses  that do}.

our staff gave of themselves in order to help the next generation of chiropractors see what it's like to practice authentically.

saturday morning saw kiroman back at the office while i took care of business at home until it was time to pick up muscle barbie and meet kiroman at our local nursery...

we bought a totally kick ass patio table on thursday and had arranged to pick it up saturday so we could take it straight to magic lake.

which was awesome because the plan was to launch the moomba saturday since we will be missing the boat launching day next weekend.

it worked out great...we were able to fit all 7 pieces plus cushions in both of our vehicles.

the weather was kinda funky...wildfires from northern montana were causing quite a smog issue here! the air was heavy and burned my eyes and made my throat a little scratchy. visibility was not hindered too much but it was very hazy.

but we made it to magic lake, unloaded vehicles, launched the moomba, got her on the lift and vacuumed out and tucked away until we can make regular trips out!

man oh man...are we ever ready to be out there regularly!

then we rushed back home to care for critters and get cleaned up to head out to the creighton blue jay baseball game.

a patient gave kiroman tickets.

i've never been to a blue jay game before and this was my first time in the "new" stadium.

it was a little chilly but we had a blast and the fireworks afterward were more than amazing!

we had a great time...i had kinda forgotten how much i enjoyed watching a live game! muscle barbie even surprised kiroman with her answers to his pop quiz!

sunday morning, kiroman headed back to his favorite local golf course bright and early. i stayed snuggled in bed until the minions cried to be released from solitary.

once he got home, we got wrangled up to pick up muscle barbie and friend and head over to the gun show across the river. kiroman found a rifle he just couldn't live without...the rest of us settled for window shopping.

after enough complaining about having to drive today, muscle barbie's friend offered to chauffeur us around. which was a great win win for everyone. muscle barbie and kiroman and i didn't have to drive and he got to drive my ride, which i think he really wanted to...but maybe not as much as i wanted him too!

a stop at texas roadhouse to feed the hungry was next on the list.

the rolls never disappoint. neither do the sweet potatoes!

after dropping muscle barbie and friend off, we stopped off at the home improvement and office improvement stores before going home to hang out with the critters on the deck.

it was a fun weekend full of lots of here and theres but spending it with my favorite people made it all that more special.

i'd like to give a shout out to my awesome mom!


without her love and guidance and constant support, i would not be the person i am today. this lady always has my back. i never question her love, her motive, her devotion. she always makes sure that her kids know they come first, no matter what! i learned to be a supportive and loving wife by watching her relationship with my dad. i learned to be a supportive and loving mother by being her daughter. what is truly amazing about this lady is that i can talk to her about anything and there is no judgment. ever. she had never once butted into my marriage or parenting with unwanted advice. i know a lot was posted about mothers on sunday. i am so grateful to see so many of my friends sharing their mom is the best mom in the world. that makes my heart 10 times larger today. it just me or does she look like she's ready to beat my ass in that photobooth photo? there i sit with the most angelic look on my face {i'm so glad i was able to perfect this look so early in life} and she looks like she's a little agitated? i wonder what i did?

cheers to all of you awesome moms out there...i know far too many to name you all individually but you know who you are ;)

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for spending so much of this weekend with kiroman and muscle barbie
  • for kiroworld enlightening the next generation
  • for having a fabulous mom
  • for comfy gliding chairs on the deck
  • for having a chauffeur today

just breathing isn't living!


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