nightly ritual

don't get your panties in a wad!

gentle reader, i've witnessed some true uptightness lately.

i follow leigh anne tuohy on facebook.

you probably know her as the character played by sandra bullock in the hit movie: blindside.

anywho...i really liked the movie and read up on leigh anne and then found her on facebook.

i think she's pretty cool.

apparently not everyone does.

imagine that?


i can't believe how people get all up in arms about a post she made.

i can't believe how people become so judgmental about a situation they know nothing about.

she posted a cute little picture of her husband, carrying some department store bags. she captioned it with something like: he pays and he carries and she hashtagged: myATMmachine.

oh good gawd!

you would have thought she said something horrible.

the backlash is ridiculous.

my blog is trophy wife.

i have license plates on my hot rod that say: TRFY WIFE.

i had calling cards made that said trophy wife.

someone asked me if i called my husband an atm.

no. i don't.

what i like to call him is: my sugar daddy.

oh my gawd, people, calm down already!

we've been married 30.5 years now!


when we first got married, we didn't have a pot to piss in {which is an interesting story in and of it!}

he was going to graduate school and i worked retail and outbound telemarketing.

when kiroman was in his last year of school, i worked weekends in an awesome chiropractic office while attending the chiropractic technologist school.

when we left graduate school, we still didn't have a pot to piss in but we found a way to open our own office {thanks, mom and dad...without your support and name as co-signers, we wouldn't have been able to do it}.

i worked 7 days a week, renting apartments while kiroman put our business together and built our office and our practice.

we worked hard enough that when muscle barbie came along {7 years after we got married and 4 years out of grad school} i was able to leave my career and be a stay home mommy.

i have not re-entered the work force some 23 years later.

instead, i concentrated on being a girl friend to my husband and a mom to our daughter.

and i don't regret one single minute of that.

i am support behind the scenes and on the frontlines at kiroworld.

but it comes down to this: i don't make the salary kiroman makes.

but he can't do what he does unless i do what i do.

and i can't do what i do unless he does what he does.

that's the yin and  yang to our relationship.

he brings home the bacon and i fry it up!

some may call me old fashioned in that sense and i'm good with that.

i had great role models for what a give and take relationship between a man and woman should look like.

i had great role models on what parenting should be.

i put my own twist on it and it works for us.

i'm not saying it works for everyone...i'm telling you what works for us.

i've never been career oriented.

i've never wanted a career outside of being a wife and a mom and caretaker to all our critters.

i have exactly what i wanted.

if someone takes umbrage with that...that's on them, not me. 

calling my husband an atm? 

i haven't but i should...after all: he brings home the bacon, baby! 

i mean, seriously...i should really start calling him sugar daddy here on the blog...what say you?

but everyone knows him as kiroman. 

oh the dilemma of first world problems, right? 

Trophy wife plate and framethis is what you see on the hot rod...license plate and holder. it's fun to drive around and see the laughter on people's faces when they realize what the plates say.

what the only live once!

don't take yourself so seriously.

don't be jealous that you don't have a woman in your life that is willing to forgo her own career to take care of her {and family} . tt was a choice you made. not everyone chooses that way of life. 

don't be a hater.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • to have the love of my man
  • to have the support of my man
  • for the examples my parents set
  • to feel fulfilled in my life's work
  • for the opportunity

just breathing isn't living!


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