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gentle reader, waving a thing. a pretty big thing when you are part of a certain group.

i'm lucky enough to belong to several of these groups.

two of these groups i experienced today.

and then it hit me: wow! this is pretty cool!!

the first waving club i ever belonged to was magic lake.

no matter what you might be doing at magic lake, everyone waves.

everyone. waves.

all the time.

every time.

sometimes my arm gets tired from all the waving activity.

if you are on the boat and pass by another boat, everyone waves. 

if you are on the boat and pass by people on their docks, everyone waves.

if you are on your dock and a water craft passes by, you wave.

if you are driving around the lake on your golf cart, atv or wave at everyone you meet or pass...even if they are walking!

even if they are walking their dog.

even the dogs wave!

hahahaha...just kidding...the dogs don't really wave.

well, not in the traditional human sense of waving.

so yeah...kiroman and i were at magic lake this weekend.

we spent our share of time on the water and on our golf cart.

we spent a fair amount of time waving.

and you even wave AGAIN if you happen by someone TWICE.

seriously, we were on the golf cart and passed a couple that was walking. THREE TIMES we waved at them. 

because we were driving much faster than they were we saw them several times on our two trips around the lake.

when we got home this afternoon, we jumped on the harley and went for a ride with our neighbors. it has become our early evening ritual this summer.

and ya know what?

when you're on a harley and meet other harley riders ( just motorcycles in general, really) everyone waves.

not kidding.

instead of the arm up in the air wave, you do the down low ( fingers pointing to the ground ) wave.

and when we had the jeep wrangler...and you met another jeep wrangler...yep, you're right! everyone waves!

kinda freaked me out the first few times it happened, then i caught on.

i would say it's a jeep thang but it really isn't. 

grand cherokee drivers never waved at me.

never ever.

but those wrangler people?

they will wave every single time.

every time.

it's a brotherhood/sisterhood, i guess.

one i am blessed to belong to.

it's kinda cool, really.

and i'm not one to want to be in a clique or club or group or anything like that at all.

we bought the lake house because we love being on the water and we love boating. 

not because we love waving.

we bought the harley because we love the freedom of being on a bike, with the wind blowing in your face.

not because we love waving.

we bought the wrangler because it was cool.

not because we love waving.

but ya know what?

i do love waving.

i like showing an appreciation of the camaraderie of doing something on our own but seeing other people on their own doing their own thing.

yeah, that probably doesn't work grammatically but i think you get the picture.

at least i hope you do.

i hope you have the opportunity to be in a waving club...doign what you enjoy, while passing by people doing what they enjoy...even though it's the same thing but you are doing it independently.

i think i need to just stop now.


i am grateful:

  • for my hobbies that bring me waving opportunities
  • for having friends that enjoy my waving opportunities
  • for a nice weekend at magice lake with great friends
  • for a quiet sunday at magic lake
  • for a great motorcycle
  • ride with hubby and aforementioned friends

just breathing isn't living!


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