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ice storm = work at home day


gentle reader, we are experiencing some wintry weather in my neck of the woods.

it had been predicted for almost 6 days! and ya know how that goes, right?

when they start talking about a winter storm that far in advance, you really just don't know what is going to happen.

the predicted ice storm could envelop our area or it could pass to the north or south and plain fizzle out before it gets here.

well, it didn't go around us. it socked us in.

pretty much the city shut down. schools closed. businesses closed {not kiroworld}. malls closed. daycares closed. side streets, parking lots, and sidewalks are ice skating rinks.

we have a pretty crazy driveway. it's steep. it's long. it's windy. it's blacktop.

it does not mix well with wintry weather.

so kiroman pulled his truck to the bottom of our drive and parked across the entrance. and then we covered the cab with a tarp so that he wouldn't have to deal with iced windows or frozen doors.

the icy roads turned a 17 minute drive into a 55 minute drive.

so all of this meant that i was homebound today.

there is no way i could have managed the drive down today...kiroman actually had to park at the bottom again tonight and walk up to the house.

but was ok.

i didn't mind working from home today.

i was still behind a little bit from when we were gone between christmas and new year's.

i chose to be productive and use this time to get caught up. 

so i hunkered down and got busy!

and gentle reader, it is a tremendous relief. whew!

i know many are lamenting the ice storm but i, for one, kind of needed a slow down day.

looks like tuesday is going to be another work from home day, too. woohoo!!

cheers to all of you. stay warm. stay safe.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • the electricity stayed on for us
  • for safe travels for those that were out and about today
  • for a warm pan of home made brownies
  • for being able to work from home
  • for being able to binge watch jane the virgin and get caught up to real time

just breathing isn't living!


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