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"the golden boy"

gentle reader, the kirofamily journeyed to cabo san lucas over the christmas holiday.

we had a fabulous time for the week we were there...this is my favorite place away from home. 

we've made a lot of friends there and every trip we make new friends.

our go to place at night is cabo wabo.

we've gotten to know the staff, the security, the's just plain fun.

they have a house band that plays awesome cover songs and the crowd is always a lot of fun.

our last night in town was spent at cabo wabo.

we had a vip booth for the night. a few drinks into the evening, we were asked to move one both over because the current booth had been reserved big deal...i don't care what booth or table we are at because i spend most of the time on my feet, dancing.

so we moved our drinks to the new table and muscle barbie and i excused ourselves to the ladies room.

the head security guy always escorts us through the crowd and waits to escort us back to our table...true story!

when we got back to our booth, the other people had shown up...there was quite a group of them!

kiroman leans over and tells me that oscar de la hoya {odlh} is in that booth! whoa! that's pretty cool. then kiroman tells me that odlh fist bumped him as he sat down. ok, that's even cooler!

the security guy asked if i wanted to dance on stage with the band...heck yeah! i answered...and away we went.

i hung out onstage for one song...i danced...i played air guitar...base and rhythm...a little air piano and danced with the singer...

yeah, i'm an introvert at heart, can ya tell?

i passed by odlh's booth to get back to mine...he stepped over and put his arm around my neck and told me i was fucking awesome!

ha! odlh thinks i'm not just plain old awesome but fucking awesome!

well, ain't that somethin'?

these pictures are not flattering of either one of us.

kiroman told muscle barbie to take pictures while we were talking...she took a couple but none of them were super...but that's ok...we have a few and fun memories!

1i think this is when he was telling me i was fucking awesome. and yes, i tell this story whenever i can.

i mean, wouldn't you? wouldn't you tell the world that the goldenboy thinks you're fucking awesome?

2apparently, we were having quite the conversation...i wish i could remember what we were talking about!

and then as he was leaving, he stopped by our booth again and was gracious enough to take another picture.

3he was great with all the fans...he took pictures with them, he signed autographs, he talked with them, he fist bumped the guys, and he even danced with a few girls.

i'd have to say, he was a pretty cool dude.

the guy in the white shirt, right behind him is his bodyguard. the guy next to the curtain is ours.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for the awesome friends we have at cabo wabo
  • for the fun experience of meeting a boxing legend like oscar de la hoya
  • for the ability to vacation in such a great city
  • for being able to share a great night with my family and friends
  • for the memories

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