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it's tuesday, february 14, 2017

gentle reader, most of the world, at least the social media world, is celebrating love today.

i've witnessed an intense love fest on facebook today.

i've seen profile pictures changed.

i've seen hearts added to profile pictures.

i've seen pictures of chocolate, flowers, and chocolate covered fruit.

i've witnessed declarations of never ending and earth shattering love today.

i think it's great!

i am so glad so many of my friends are loved and cherished.

during a stop of my never ending errands today, i was asked if i had anything planned for tonight.

uh, yeah:

  1. go to the grocery store
  2. put groceries away
  3. take 3 trips in letting the pack of dogs out
  4. feed horses
  5. feed the dog pack
  6. make dinner
  7. do dishes
  8. watch the outsiders
  9. take dogs out
  10. write a blogpost
  11. wash my face
  12. take dogs out
  13. go to bed

i'd say i have plenty planned for tonight.

ohhhhhh...she meant did i have plans with my significant other tonight.

yes! all of the above, starting with number 7.

actually, what i told her was that today was tuesday. 

that happens to be a very commercial holiday.

a holiday that i'm afraid makes a lot of people feel lonely, sad, unlovable, left out, and depressed.

and that makes me sad.

it really does.

i don't need to wish kiroman happy valentine's day. i don't need to buy him a card with a heart on it. i don't need to purchase anything that proves my undying love.

i love him every single day.




opening a card or a gift or smelling flowers or eating a fancy dinner doesn't prove his love for me.

he proves that every single day he goes off to work. he proves it when he takes the garbage out. he proves it when he makes sure there is enough hay in the barn for the horses. he proves it when he kisses me good night. he proves it when he holds my hand. he proves it when he laughs at my horrible jokes. he proves it when he dries my tears.

i hope i return that ten fold to him.

Me and lyle blogi truly love this man with every fiber of my being. and i know he feels the same way about me.

please don't get me wrong. if you and your special person celebrated in a special way today, i think that is super fantabulous. i really do. 

what i don't want is for those without a special someone in their life to feel they are any less or not worthy. that's what i really want.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for the love of my life
  • to know that a hallmark holiday does not define me
  • to be able to show my tribe i love them every day
  • to love without looking at the calendar
  • to love without end, amen

just breathing isn't living!


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