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face to face re-connecting

gentle reader, i think we can all agree that social media has made an impact on our lives.

some of it might not be so great.

some of it might be kinda great.

this is an instance of pretty great.

this man knew me before i knew him.

he knew me before i was born!

that's how long we've known each other.

he was best friends with my dad's youngest brother.

he worked as a para at my elementary school.

he was involved with helping a lot of kids i went to to school with.

my uncle passed away a few years ago and tom was at the service.

we said a few words to each other and then continued on our way.


we connected on facebook.

i saw his posts.

he saw my posts.

we soon realized we had a lot more in common than my family and where i went to school.

we chat frequently...if not daily then at least many times during the week.

he is also a writer.

you should check out his awesome books. they are truly worth your time to read.

one night, i had a lot on my mind and asked if we could talk. he listened and had great advice. that i have taken to heart.

i mentioned to kiroman that we should meet him for lunch on a thursday sometime.

kiroman said set up...not this week but see if he's available next week.

so i did and we set a date.

we met at his favorite place in a part of town that he lives.

he grew up there. he knows the history. it was fascinating. it really was.

unfortunately, kiroman and i needed to get back to our city for an appointment, so we couldn't stay as long as we would have liked.

the stories he has to tell are enthralling. they really are. 

i hope you take the time to read some of them! 

let me know what you think, ok?

Me and Tom Frye

interested in finding out more, you can check out his website >HERE<.

if you are lucky enough to be on his friends list on facebook, you will be able to read so many awesome stories of his escapades as a kid and as a guy working with troubled kids and as a writer.

but i have to tell you, as awesome as the stories are to read, they are so much better when told in person.

i am a lucky girl!

tom, thanks for hanging out with us...i hope we can do again soon!

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for re-connections
  • tom took time out of his day to meet us for lunch
  • kiroman drove me to my hometown this day
  • kiroman wanted to come along and meet tom
  • a picture to keep memories alive

just breathing isn't living!


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