week 14 weekend wrap up
she had to tell it first...

ladies, can we talk?

gentle reader, this post is for the ladies.

i'm sure it applies to the men out there but i'll leave that for another time.

today is devoted to the slobby women that leave a mess behind them in the ladie's room...and yes, i use that term loosely.

a few weeks ago, i was sitting at the dentist office when i used the facilities after a woman had taken her 3 year old and 18 month old in to use the toilet.

i'm not gonna lie...i about upchucked as soon as i opened the door. it was disgusting. the smell was horrible...it was like sewer gas. then i walked to the toilet itself.

oh. my. god.

it had poop smeared all over the inside. it was full of toilet paper. it was empty of water.

i can not fathom how this woman walked out, leaving the toilet in that shape, without bothering to clean it up or let anyone know there was an issue.

i honestly struggled with approaching this woman and letting her know my feelings on what she had just done but i opted not to.

not because i was avoiding the confrontation but out of deference to the dentist, who also happens to be a personal friend.

but today, i wish i had approached that woman and explained how disrespectful her actions were.

in our current office space, we have a shared ladies room with the three other businesses in our building.

i am regularly embarrassed when entering the restroom.

toilet paper and paper towels on the floor. toilets unflushed. water splashed all over the counters and floors. gooey soap left on the counters and in the sinks.

i make a point of wiping down the counters and picking up the trash off the floor.

after all, our patients use this room, too, and i'd like it to be presentable to all that enter.

i was running errands on monday when i entered my favorite big box store and rushed to the restroom. 

i had to pass by three stalls before i could find on that was presentable.

the first one had pee on the toilet seat.

the second one was unflushed.

the third one was not only unflushed but totally full of toilet paper. and obviously it was that time of the month for the woman that used it.

i was so disgusted.

do you disgusting ladies leave the bathroom in your own home in that condition?

do you pee all over the seat? smear poop all over? fill it with toilet paper? and then just walk away to let someone else deal with your filth?

like, who would be the someone else to deal with it?

your children? your husband?

i just don't get it.

i really don't.

have you no pride in yourself that you feel it's ok to leave such a personal mess behind you?

you truly disappoint me.

what about attempting to leave a room better than when you entered?

granted, i did not even think about flushing those big box store toilets or even cleaning the pee off the seat. i'm not going to go that far.

i will pick up paper towels and wipe up after myself.

cleaning up your shit? naw, i don't that matches my pay grade.

that is something you need to do yourself.

so, ladies, i challenge you to be more aware of what you leave behind the next time you use a public restroom.

be kind to those that will enter after you.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for making an exciting decision fo our team today
  • for spending some time with muscle barbie this afternoon
  • the lightbulbs i ordered for the salt lamps are the correct ones
  • the pool opened with no major issues
  • for the sunshine we enjoyed today

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