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week 14 weekend wrap up

gentle reader, it was a busy weekend around here!

let's start back to friday morning, ok?

it was supposed to be a morning for junkstock with my mom.

if you know me, you know that i am not a believer in coincidence. i truly believe that everything happens for a reason. sometimes we know what that reason is and sometimes we don't. i don't spend much time questioning but accept it for what it is.

so...i got out of the house a little later than planned. like an hour later than planned. and that by itself did not sit well with me. i like to be on time! kiroman says "early is on time. on time is late."

i picked mom up, headed to kiroworld to drop off kiroman's lunch. then to the bank and then to the post office.

all before we could think of attempting to find a parking spot at junkstock.

then my phone rings.

muscle barbie is calling because axel has an issue with his right eye. the eyeball itself is a little swollen and the white around it is completely blood filled.

i tell her to call our vet and make an appointment for as soon as they can see him and we head to her house.

she has an appointment set by the time we get there...for 1:30pm but she has to be to work by noon.

at some point, i was also going to have to make a drive to magic lake to turn the water on so the pond could be cleaned out on saturday. plus, we had dinner reservations friday night and i still had to find time to shower.

but i'm getting ahead of myself, aren't i?

i tell muscle barbie that i will take axel to the vet and she can go to work on time.

my mom suggests we leave now and head to the's an hour drive one way...and we would be back in time for the appointment.


we leave. drive to magic lake. turn the water on and head back to the city for the appointment.

axel is checked out by the veterinarian. he checks out physically fine. it appears that he has a broken blood vessel in his eye that has leaked. an eye ointment twice a day for a week and he should be good as new.


so i took mom home and went on home and brought axel home with me.

i was able to get my neighborhood walk in and shower and get axel back home and kiroman picked up so we could make our dinner reservation at 7:30 downtown.

we were to have dinner with another chiropractor that was coming to the city to hold a seminar in our office over the weekend. the poor guy was super delayed in utah and was not going to get to the city until after midnight.


i always admire this view after dinner, while waiting for our vehicle to be returned to us. i could have taken a little more time to frame it better but it still makes me happy. 


awww, percy! thanks for posing, buddy! this was saturday afternoon...while kiroman was in the seminar and all the other critters were napping. this guy is never too far away from me.

saturday night was dinner out with kiroman, muscle barbie, two of the seminar presenters and another chiropractor that was attending. it was an interesting dinner with topical chiropractic conversation...but no photos!


the weather was great here on sunday. while kiorman toiled away in his seminar, i was home with the sugarbears. i decided it was time to attempt a golf cart ride. why i decided it had to be today and by myself, i'm not totally sure except that i might have been a little bit bored.

i loaded them onto the golf cart and we headed to the neighborhood pond. both of these were first experiences for these guys.

once at the pond, they had a blast adventuring around. we have a flock of geese and a flock of ducks that live on our pond so there is a lot to sniff out!

we walked part way around the pond, right at the edge. finally, willy decided he wanted to dip his front feet in the water. once he did that, he wasn't sure how to turn around so he had to put his back feet in, too. he wasn't freaked out at all. i wasn't sure how he would react. he does play in a kiddie pool in the summer!

he climbed out after a minute or so and we went about more adventuring.

then percy put his feet in the water...he wasn't as calm about it as willy though. but he still didn't freak out.

now i have two wet dogs and no towel so we had to do more adventuring away from the water so they could dry off before heading home. the picture above is actually once we got home.

we thought it was a nice day for a drive so we took the long way home from the pond.

i still wasn't confident that they were loving the golf cart ride but i changed my mind real fast.

they just sat on the seat, watching to the side so they could see everything going on as we passed by.


once back home, it was bath time! they smelled like murky, dirty, swamp water. plus, you can see how dirty percy was! willy's coat hid his dirt!

they tolerated their trip in the tub and i think they are ready for another trip to the neighborhood pond! maybe axel can join them next time!


after kiroman finished with the seminar today, we decided to eat a quick dinner out. kiroman suggested taking the hot rod tonight. just as we pulled into our neighborhood, the odometer turned over to 14,000. kiroman thought i was a little whacky for snapping this pic...but i like to do weird things like this...that document moments. 


and then it was bedtime. i'd say these two guys are plumb tuckered out. usually percy wakes up if i leave the room. but not tonight. even after i left, i could still hear him snoring in the next room with the door closed!

gentle reader, i certainly hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend doing what you like with the ones you love.


i am grateful:

  • the great weather on sunday
  • kiroman is now done with his continuing ed hours 
  • for two excellent dinners out
  • for being able to spend some time with muscle barbie
  • our personal ponds were cleaned up saturday

just breathing isn't living!


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