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#cz30daysofthankful...installment #1

gentle reader, november 2017 has come to an end. the month to shine in our gratitude. some years i publicly participate and some years i do not. some years i start and don't finish.

this year is different.

different, how you ask?

different in that i set up my entire month of layouts in one evening.


all 30 days plus the cover.


using a cool app on my phone called project life. nope, i am not an affiliate. i receive no kick backs from mentioning the name.

it's just what i am using this time.

it's awesome.

i wish i could say it was all my idea but it's not.

i totally lifted the entire idea from a post in a facebook group.

and i don't even feel guilty about it.

because i told her i was doing it. i told her how much i appreciated her sharing her ideas.

it's not mine to own, that's for sure.

i had meant to get back to the ol' blog here and share my pages.

just in case we aren't facebook friends or we don't follow each other on instagram or twitter.

so let's start, shall we?

01 coverthis is the cover page. pretty self-explanatory, right?

01so this is how we started our 30 days of gratitude. by one of the minions chewing up the packaging for acupuncture needles. yes, the little minion stole these out of the garbage can in our bathroom. i have yet to figure out how he was able to get the packaging but leave the needles in the garbage. true story! percy loves plastic and chews on plastic anything. the needles were slipped back into the packages before being tossed out. so grateful that we didn't have to run him to the vet for x-rays to see if he had eaten the needles! lesson not throw away where little mouths can get to them. it's almost like having a toddler in the house again!

01day two was so much fun. there was a chiropractic seminar in vegas so we made a whole deal out of it. we arrived thursday morning and spent the day walking the strip. but then when the evening came around, we had tickets to see carrot top!!! not just the show but the meet and greet prior to the show! there were only 5 of us! he was really kind. he was talkative and took his time talking to all of us. he was one of muscle barbie's favorite comedians from when she was little and there was no way she was going to pass up this opportunity. the show was fabulous, too. i totally recommend this whole experience...i'd go back and do it again!

01while kiroman was learning chiropractic things friday, muscle barbie and i hit the strip again. we made a stop at the m & m store, where a kind man working, took our picture in front of all the different colors and flavors of m & ms. then happened to see giordano's! who knew this favorite place of kiroman's existed here! then we passed the thunder down under guys and couldn't resist having some fun with them. we ended the evening at a country club that was hosting the pbr riders that night. taylor toves was riding and muscle barbie met him. so we went to the country club to hang out.

01saturday i listened to erin from healthnut news. it was awesome to see her in person! then that night we went to the pbr...warrant played in the plaza outside beforehand. it was freaking awesome. we were right in front of the stage! then we moved inside and watched the bull riders, including taylor. afterwards, we stopped at bar on the way back to the hotel. there was a band playing and they were so much fun! we made requests all night long and they played along with us...muscle barbie even did a few shots of whiskey with the lead singer. a great night was had by all!
01yep, we were gone for a few days but it was lifetime to these guys. they wouldn't let us out of their sight and had to be sitting or laying next to us all day and night! man, i love these guys!
01willy crawled up in kiroman's face and was demanding some one on one love snuggles.
01i'm ending the first week with this: i couldn't recommend a better horse vet clinic in the area. dr thomassen is fabulous! he is very genuine in his caring for our horses. he's great at explaining everything but not making you feel stupid in the process. 

and that wraps up the first week of my 30 days of thankful...even just a tad bit late but that's better than not at all, right?

stay tuned for installment #2 soon!

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for a great get away trip with kiroman and muscle barbie
  • for fun times with the office staff
  • for meeting new people
  • for laughing our butts off at the carrot top show
  • for awesome puppy love when we got home

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