another first
new year, new you...AGAIN?

let’s help each other out, ok?

gentle reader, 

this post is geared to the women.

sorry, guys, but i only know how to relate to this in a female way.

believe me, it’s nothing against men at all and i’m not being sexist in any way, ok?

i’ve  often thought about this.

like every time i use a public toilet.

every. single. time.

check out this picture:


kiroman and I are traveling this weekend.

in case you can’t tell...that photo is of the toilet paper holder in the public restroom at an airport.

what do you see?


absolutely nothing.

i mean, seriously, i had to reach my hand up there. i had to roll that toilet paper roll around and around and around...attempting to find the end of the toilet paper. 

after what seemed like hours, i finally found the tail end! success was mine, gentle reader!

now that i had that little tail in my hand, i pulled some down for my personal use.

and then do you know what i did?


that. i did that ^ ^ ^ 

i left it like that so that the next woman that uses that stall would not know the pain i suffered trying to find the end of the paper trail.

why? because i am a fan of random acts of kindness.

and this is totally an acceptable random act of kindness.

i don’t know. maybe i’m the only one that thinks this way. 

i could be the only woman on the planet that is agitated every time i have to chase the paper to wipe.

but i seriously doubt it.

so the next time you use a public toilet, do the lady using the stall next a solid and leave a tail of paper to make it easier for her. and maybe, just maybe we can start a revolution.

sound good? are you ready to join me?

let’s go, shall we?

thanks for being part of the movement!



i am grateful:

  • for a great tribe that takes care of things while i am out of town
  • no problems with our travels
  • a great and historic hotel to stay in
  • seeing ‘old’ friends
  • a weekend getaway

just breathing isn’t living!


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