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be in charge of your destiny

gentle reader,

my hope is that each and every one of you understands that you are in control of your own destiny.

you can not leave it in the hands of any other.

you can not wish it, you can not hope it.

you have to go after it.

this does not mean you must go it alone! gather your tribe. gather your posse. gather family and friends and coworkers. gather anyone that is going to encourage you, support you, and push you.

leave the negative nannies behind. you will not need them in the coming days. fortify yourself with all the positive energy you can muster. that is what will serve you well while achieving your goals.


never question who creates your own destiny. it is you. always you. 

obviously, we encounter situations beyond our control. believe me, i'm not burying my head in the sand here! but we are in control of the way we deal and manage those difficult situations. 

i have met such situations myself. 

point in fact, when my father passed away, i had zero control over that situation. i was in control of how i reacted, though. i'm not proud of how i reacted at first. for the first two weeks, honestly. but then i pulled myself out of my pitfall and started living again. i did not do this on my own. kiroman helped. a lot. i counseled with a mentor in order to find my way back.

this is where having your support system in place before you hit obstacles is important. 

as with anything, time gives way to experience and we carry that forward to help us deal with future obstacles.

if there is ever a way i can help you, please know that i will do whatever i can to encourage you, to mentor you, to offer the wisdom i have gained throughout my journey of this thing called life.

decide to be in control rather than a victim.

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for the lessons this life has given me
  • for my tribe that supports me
  • for the abundance i have found within this life
  • to be able to share my experiences
  • for the ability of free will

just living isn't breathing!


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