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just a wife

gentle reader,

them thar be fightin' words, i tell ya!

i admit i was rather taken aback when i heard those words spoken out loud.

to me.

by someone that i had never met before.

by someone that knew absolutely nothing about me.

that assumption put me in a foul mood, gentle reader.

i found myself at a loss for words and we all know that does not frequently happen.

i was attending an event where i was most likely the only non doctor of chiropractic. and i'm used to that. and it generally is not a problem.

in the chiropractic industry, i am known as kirowyf...wife of a chiropractor. 

the name tag i was wearing denoted my status as doctor.

as i was introducing myself to others at my table and explaining that i am not a doctor, a female doctor at the table then began telling me how she and her husband were trying to figure out if i was really a chiropractor or not. her husband thought i was and she said that she told him that i was...wait for it...

just a wife

what in the actual eff did i just hear?

never in a million years would i ever call another woman just a wife, no matter what her status was.

even if said woman had no other responsibilities than caring for her husband.

no woman on this planet is just a wife.

it was unbelievable to me that another woman would say that out loud...especially to me! obviously, she had no idea of who i am. or she never would have braved those words in my presence.

a lot of replies went through my head at lightning speed but by the grace of all that is sanity, i kept all replies to myself.

although, in hindsight, i wish i would have let a few of replies loose.

she's kinda lucky i didn't throat punch her right then and there.

ladies, can we please make a pact that we will not belittle one another? this was just uncalled for behavior. i hope the look on my face and the fact i walked away and didn't speak to her the rest of the weekend gave her enough pause to reflect on her actions.

but to be fair, i should have spoken up and told her that her words were demeaning.

should there be a next time, you better believe i have a few responses at the ready!

even if i were just a wife, i would be proud of that choice! there is nothing wrong with not having a job/career outside the home, outside of what you supporting your husband's efforts. actually, i applaud you! there is nothing that gives a man confidence like knowing his woman is standing at his side, cheering him on, encouraging him through the difficult times and celebrating the great times!

do you want to know more about building that kind of relationship?

stay tuned!

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for keeping my cool under pressure
  • for knowing there is more to being just a wife that what those words sound like
  • to be strong enough to stand beside my guy
  • to understand what it takes to build an empire
  • i am willing to build an empire

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