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how do you plan?

gentle reader,

how do you plan for your week?


this is how i plan. i have an awesome planner and these smooth writing pens, along with my laptop that houses my recurring tasks, appointments, and special occasions.

each pen color represents a different part of my life...and i coordinate that color with my digital calendar...which also syncs with all my electronics.

here are my categories:

  • appointments
  • birthdays/anniversaries
  • home management
  • family outings
  • kiroworld
  • kiroman
  • me
  • muscle barbie
  • social media
  • employees
  • phone call
  • travel
  • errands
  • to do

to some, it may seem ridiculous to keep electronic and paper but i'm one of those people that gets great satisfaction from crossing things off the list. heck, i've been known to write things on my list that i have accomplished just so i can cross it off. {see what i did there?}

in all seriousness, i do find that i am more productive if i take a bit of time on sunday afternoon/evening to look over the upcoming week. what appointments are on the calendar? what is imperative to be done? what needs to be moved in order to have time to complete the tasks that move me toward my goals? what is missing from my week?

this planning also keeps me on track with being a supportive wife to a hard working man. it keeps us both on track for creating our #kiropracticempire.

want to know more?

stay tuned!

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for finding a planner that works well for me
  • for having the discipline to plan
  • for goal planning
  • for not giving up
  • for fun colored pens

just breathing isn't living!


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