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being extreme

gentle reader,

living on the edge means being extreme in some way.

being extreme means living on the edge in some way.

in the 33+ years we have been married, i think kiroman and i have spent a fair amount of time learning what this means in everyday life.

obviously, our extreme doesn't look like a real housewives episode of extreme.

i'm talking about real, everyday life, extreme.

the kind of extreme where you start with zero and build an empire together. which includes a successful marriage, a happy child, along with a successful business, filled with hobbies and travel. and all the while, you travel this journey in happiness.

it's not always been easy but it also hasn't always been difficult. some days are fabulous. some days are horrible. some days are average/normal.

what makes it all bearable and worthwhile is that we know we are in this together. we are on the same team, working toward the same goals, pinpointing the same vision.

are you interested in learning more on how we handle our business, our staff, our home life along with our extreme hobbies?

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for every opportunity that is presented to us
  • for pushing through the not easy times
  • for having a great partner in crime to travel this journey
  • for the tenacity it takes to be a goal digger
  • for the quiet moments that allow me to recoup and dive back in

just breathing isn't living!


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