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the space in between

gentle reader, 

there comes a time when you find yourself in between.

and your in between is going to be different than my in between.

and my in between today is going to be different than my in between yesterday or tomorrow.

it just looks different to everyone.

tonight my in between looks like this:

interviewing potential chiropractic assistants / working more at our front desk than in my super quiet and private office / posting a facebook live video about referrals / making sure all the critters are fed / gathering all the necessary groceries / doing laundry / being a wife / being a mom / being a boss / being a travel agent / 

tonight i feel like this duck. just in between these two rabbits.

AdobeStock_45146406i'm attempting to feel my way through all this in between.

everything shifts when your littles grow up and out of the house. honestly, i think you worry about them more than when you were a new parent, putting the mirror under their nose to make sure they were breathing while they enjoyed a 16 hour nap.

naps ! who even has time to nap in this in between place? not me...i feel busier and more stretched now than when i had an infant completely dependant upon for her every single need.

before i reached this space of in between, i spent a lot of time thinking about what it was going to be like.

to have our daughter out of the house, self sufficient...out there in the world, showing the world how awesome she is.

this meant i would no longer be a constant mommy , which is way different than being a mom.

it meant that i would have more time to pursue my hobbies, my leisure time would be exponential.

ha! joke's on me! 

i'm an all in kinda gal. so when the mommying part of life ended, i just hyper-focused on other things. like helping kiroman grow and expand our business.

over the years, i have taken on much larger role in the kiroworld. and i love it and wouldn't change it for anything.

but i won't lie, sometimes i long for the in between i had imagined all those years ago. but to be totally transparent, i have no idea what i would be doing if i wasn't doing this. because i am not a napper. i am not one to enjoy an immense amount of leisure time. i like to be busy. i like to be productive. i like to be doing things!

what does your in between look like? is it how you imagined it?

i'd love to hear from you!

Blog_Divider_shabbymissjenndesignsi am grateful:

  • for what my current in between looks like
  • for having the choice to do what i do or don't do
  • for the never-ending support of kiroman


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