gentle reader, if you've been reading here long or we are friends on facebook, then you are aware of my latest mantra: actions > words = every.single.time. recently, kirofamily came across such a person. a person that said all the right words. but the actions later proved to be nothing what the words had been. i'll be honest, totally pisses... Read more →

for realz!!!! so not used to this kind of temp, people!!! ok, the pic on the left was taken about 12:30 this afternoon and the one on the right was about 8:30 tonight...see the green light in the top right corner? that means my headlights were on, folks! that means it's really really hot here! we really haven't had that... Read more →

but i do know when he'll be back again! kiroman headed off to san diego this morning. [ in the words of ron burgandy: san diego. discovered by the germans in 1904, they named it san diago, which of course means whale's vagina. ] but of course i totally digress :) we had an awesome epoc gathering at the source... Read more →

so...the day started with the alarm going off at a paltry 6:15am rather than the usual 5:25am but that's all good because that's what time it was supposed to go i lay all nestled in my bed, enjoying a few minutes of snuggling with cujo [that would be my dog and not husband], i hear the rain come down...arrrggggggghhhhhh...i... Read more →

this is kinda like a mish mash of stuff so i couldn't come up with anything clever for the title so we're just gonna wing it! school officially started on August 16th but the cheer squad did a presentation for the freshman class on Thursday so we are counting this as our first day of school picture! she did have... Read more →